Starr King & Waumbek - Feb 25, 2023

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Rhody Seth

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Dec 18, 2015
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Charlestown, RI
Me and the guys did an overnight trip on Mt. Carrigain last Sunday. I drove up on Saturday to get an easy first hike under my belt. I always tell myself that I'll leave super early in the morning but chores and last minute packing always put the kibosh on that plan. I got out the door at 8:30 AM which wasn't too bad but I knew I wouldn't be getting started until the afternoon was well underway. With that in mind, I opted for an easier, sheltered hike since the forecast was calling for near zero temps and a chance of snow. Mt. Waumbek fit the bill.

About 10 degrees to start and it dropped down to 1 by the end of the hike. Trail was well packed and spikes worked fine for the climb but I opted to switch to snowshoes past Starr King as the snow got a bit choppier. Saw about a half dozen folks descend as I went up. Very light snow fell for most of the hike and it made for a lovely afternoon. No views from either of the vantage points but I was happy to be amongst the frosted trees again. And of course it was great to spend time with the hottest well in all the Whites.

Here is a very silly video of this hike:


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