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Sep 17, 2004
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Is this still a wack from Heart Lake, or have the hurds made it an easy route??
Has not been a true bushwhack for 40 years. The path was obvious when I climbed them the first time in 1986. But the network of multiple paths has been largely cleaned up, so it's fairly easy. The only messy area is around the Indian Pass Brook crossing. This is due to the brook sometimes being difficult to cross, and due to beaver activity on the west side inundating several of the older paths. Once you are past that area it's clear sailing.
Is there a trail from Heart Lake? or is it touchy/feel all the way?
To be clear, it is not a marked path, it's still technically a herd path. That makes it harder to find in the Winter if you are the first one up there.

And as stated, the brook crossing can be VERY challenging. Especially if the ice is thin, or the water is raging. People have crossed in the morning, only to be stranded in the afternoon. Happened this year.
Thanks. Believe it or not, I do thave the book (older ed) and map, and was there ~1990. Looking for fresh view. Prob won't do in winter unless its a hellofa nice day.