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May 25, 2004
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I am looking to replace a pair of broken atlas snowshoes. I have eyeballed the Tubs Flex ALP online only. Anyone out there care to share opinions and or experiences the Flex??

I've been a Tubbs user and abuser (I work on my 'shoes all winter, major miles, wear & tear... and hike with em too) for over 25 years- Just bought my first pair of Flex Alps two weeks ago and LOVE em!! :) I estimate i've put on close to 80 miles already and gotta say the traction and comfort is awesome! Few minor issues (see R.O.T. post) my biggest complaint is the floatability in deep snow, esp going downhill (put lots of weight on you tail!)... but we don't have too much snow this winter :( which isn't a big deal. Highly recommend em!
I just recently got mine and only had a chance to use them a couple times but I have loved them so far. Great traction, nice bindings, great manuverability. The side traction tends to steer the snowshoe on hard snow though.

Other than that, very happy with them so far.
Thanks for the link T-max.

I'm still on the fence. So after you return the Tubbs what shoes are you using now?

The are the BEST!!!

Just got mine this year , as did my husband, and they are the best.
I have done lots of bushwhacking, icy rocky ridge traverses, deep snow trail breaking,trailrunning and the usual terrain. Great traction, not a hint of failure and pure comfort w/ ease of use.

Tmax, I don't wear a hard shell boot and can't figure out how they hurt your toes. My feet are super sensitive w/ arthritis etc. and w/ my Columbia Bugaboos (a whopping $60 boot!) they are awesome. I do use custom orthodics (a serious investment of $400+), I feel like I'm walking on air! The orthodic keeps my footie in position and provides support to prevent unnecessary fatigue or failure (kind of like a bridge support!)

There is some shredding of the plastic but nothing significant --just looks scuffed which is amazing considering some of the rock I've clambered up.

5star rating from this Cat!
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I have about 100 miles on my Tubbs Flex alps
like the front binding..quick easy and essentially self centering I wear soft boots..Mountain Shadows or something and there is no overtightness..no adjustments and like the step in feature..seems , while I have done a mile or 2 in msrs I would invariably get one off center and require readjustment over tightening untightening straps..I like this system better

the rear clip requires a bit more attention but once secure does not come undone

crampons quite aggressive for climbing or descent and keep you properly lined up

I like the flex tails for descent

I think my denali ascents are better for kicking steps in deep snow uphill

flex alps a bit more bulky on the pack but lighter

they seem a bit quieter on packed snow

like msrs..pretty indestructable..or at least able to withstand abuse

So, overall..a thumbs up..the bindings and crampons make the flex alps my preferred snowshoe off the wall in the gear room...
I bought a pair this year and really like them. I've put about 40 miles on them thus far. The crampons are aggressive. I really like how its so easy to my boots into them. For some reason, I keep tripping using them. I'm not sure exactly why. I've been making a concious effort to keep my feet further apart from each other to correct this.
We each just bought the Tubbs Flex ALP and will be taking them out for a test this weekend. Not a whole lot of snow left here in Maryland.Plan to use them quite a bit when we go on vacation next week in the White Mountains.

Put over 150 summits on my pair of MSR Lightning Ascents before a binding broke - sent the binding back to MSR and they shipped me a new one - no charge.

FYI - they now have tails available for them - saw a pair at EMS this afternoon.
Put over 150 summits on my pair of MSR Lightning Ascents before a binding broke - sent the binding back to MSR and they shipped me a new one - no charge.

FYI - they now have tails available for them - saw a pair at EMS this afternoon.

I got a pair of lightning ascents, but I'm now looking at the Tubbs Flex.
For those who are on the fence, IceNSnow puts her snowshoes through dog-years of use and abuse. She's the Adirondacks Uber-hiker/bushwhacker. If she hasn't killed hers in a year +, yours will last a decade of regular use. ;)
HERE is a link to some recent user reviews on backpackgeartest (very little in-use results).

With the flex tail and big crampon, I wonder how they perform going downhill? Do they have a lot of drag which limits good sliding?

When leaning back on the rigid MSR evo tails, then the crampon is raised and great sliding speed results. (this is good for people who spent a lot of effort climbing up and want a little fun sliding down)