Tupper Lake Hiking Triad


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Feb 1, 2018
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Colchester, VT
On Sunday completed the Tupper Lake Hiking Triad. Arab, Goodman, and Coney. Each 2 plus to 3.5 mile round trip with summits all around 2,500 feet. I believe each would have had excellent view of Tupper Lake but with the persistent snow and snow squalls moving through we saw nothing. Having no experience in the Adirondacks thought they would be a good place to start exploring.

I was not sure what to expect. The Adirondack Mountain Club, Western Trails (Book 4) had a winter note for all three that stating, "not suitable owing to steepness of terrain". That was interesting, as there are only a few trails I am aware of in the White and the Greens that have that labeling. It was also surprising since the Tupper Lake 3 are the first step in the Tri-Lake Trifecta which includes the Saranac Lake 6 and Lake Placid 9 which are progressively more difficult. The topographic maps of the trails did not support the steepness claim.

We completed all three in snowshoes, crampons when for a ride and never encountered the "steepness". Noticed that the Adirondack Mountain Club, High Peaks Trails (Book 1) does not have a winter travel notes.

Can the winter difficultly rating be attributed only to different authors of each guide book? Or are the Western Adirondacks catering to a different group of users when compared to the those who attempt the high peaks? Is the winter note potential referring to backcountry skiers skinning up and skiing back down the trail?


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Aug 18, 2004
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The squalls were amazing on Sunday! Glad you completed these three hikes. I have been up Goodman and Coney, but not Arab. Agree there is nothing at all steep there.

Not sure why a guidebook would label these as "steep." I doubt it's related to skiing. More likely they are carrying water for NYSDEC who wants to believe that the solution for every trail is miles long switchbacks...


May 26, 2015
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Brattleboro, Vermont
Mount Arab is great, I did it last summer. Definitely don't remember it being steep to any significant degree. I found it to be a pretty easy and straight forward climb. I would like to check out Goodman and Coney sometime. Sounds cool!