Wildcats via Wildcat Ridge and 19 Mile Brook Trails - 12/1


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NH Tramper

Apr 10, 2012
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North Conway, NH Avatar: Cannon Mtn.
Date of Hike: December 1, 2013

Trail Conditions: We decided to try our hand at crossing the river leaving from the Glen Ellis Falls parking area (gate locked, parked at the end of the drive) and that worked out nicely saving us a mile. The crossing had plenty of open water but wearing spikes we were able to walk from rock to rock and skirt the open water on some pretty solid ice sections, avoiding the sketchy snow/slush areas. We encountered one new leaner on the way up the Wildcat Ridge Trail but we were able to walk right under it. That will change once the snow comes. The trail was otherwise clear, albeit icy in places. Snow depths were around two inches but the range was 1-3". Easy going, but not snowshoe ready, unfortunately. Same for 19 Mile Brook Trail: clear, easy going, lots of ice, especially from the notch to the Carter Dome Trail junction -- some significant floes there. The one unbridged crossing at the end of the 19MBT was easy to cross slightly upstream of the regular spot. We used a number of fallen trees and were able to cross safely.

Special Equipment Used: We brought trekking poles and some light traction. We used the poles and found them to be an essential tool for the first crossing for probing and balance. We used light traction the entire hike and found it quite necessary for security from start to finish. Snowshoes are not yet needed. Gaiters were helpful.

Comments: Hiked this with Steff and as usual we had a terrific hike. It snowed lightly today and temps were comfy in the 20s. Good day!

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH