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Thread: BD Contact Strap - Anyone using?

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    BD Contact Strap - Anyone using?

    I've searched the archives a bit and, although I've found a few recommendations that suggest trying these, I haven't seen very much from actual owners. I know Kevin Rooney has recommended these on a couple occasions and a friend of Jay H just bought a pair. My local EMS has the BD Contact Straps on sale right now for $97 and thinking of trying them. These would be my first pair of crampons.

    Right now, I am looking for something to use with full leather boots for stomping around lower elevations (Ossipees, Belknaps, etc.) before I upgrade my boots, if I like winter hiking as much as I think I will, next year and start doing more serious hiking. At $97, these aren't going to break the bank so it may just come down to a go buy them and try thing anyway I suppose.


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    I use the Contact Strap crampons on my leathers and am very pleased with them. From what I've seen most people prefer them to other similar crampons. I know a few people who ungraded to these from the more expensive petzls.

    They also fit my size 43 Koflachs.

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    A lot of people use them and like them. As far as crampons go the tines are a bit sharp, but no bigge (just be careful). One issue with leather 3 season boots though...they MIGHT be too flexible to use with crampons (and by that I mean all crampons, not just the BD). I tried using my BDs with my first pair of leather 3 season hikers and the boots were so flexible I kept walking out of my crampons.

    Truth told, if your only doing the Belknaps and Ossipees this season you can probably get away with just snowshoes and light traction like the Microspikes or Stbilicers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewHampshire View Post
    Truth told, if your only doing the Belknaps and Ossipees this season you can probably get away with just snowshoes and light traction like the Microspikes or Stbilicers.

    Another great alternative might be Kahtoola Steel Crampons. I use them in all but the most challenging terrain, when I switch the my BD Contact Straps.

    Kahtoola Steels work great with leather boots and have an excellent binding system. They are much better for ice and steep slopes than Microspikes or Stablicers and are much easier to walk with over mixed terrain than my BDs.

    Zappos has a good sale going for them:

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    I use these crampons, and I have been very satisfied with them. I use them with a pair of North Face Baltoro boots, and I haven't had any problems with the boots not being rigid enough.

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    I also use these crampons with leathers and pac boots. I've been very pleased with them - very stable with a good bite. I did have to buy extender bars to fit my boot size, though (12-13).

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    I have them and use them with a couple of different leather hikers. No complaints at all, and unlike any other crampons I've tried they've never come off (I had a Grivel come off on a high-angle slope - it was not a fun exercise).

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    Most boots will fit crampons fine these days leather or otherwise UNLESS ....the leather boot is so used that the sole bends and flexs easily.

    Since plastic boots are going the way of the ice axe for gerneral mountaineering and hiking trips tconsider not buying crampons

    But: A Pair of Denali Ascents with agressive traction plates (buy used if you can find them)
    and micro spikes or Stabiliciers will give you all you need to have for those areas.

    If I had to chose betwen all the traction out there and could only have 1 it would be the Denalis hands down.

    They are bulletproof and can be used solely for traction in thin cover AND for deeper snow.
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    I use them and got mine as a used rental pair for $35. You could check out the consignment shop at IME in N Conway and maybe find a used pair.

    My only critique is that they are not well sized for small feet -- if I ever upgrade I will probably go with something designed specifically for women.
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    I use these with insulated leather boots. They can be configured to either be ridid or hinged. I configure them for hinged and they will pivot where the front and back halves meet, thus flexing with my boot. I haven't had any problem with them coming off. Do practice adjusting and putting them on in the comfort of your home or yard before taking them into the field for the first time.
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