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Thread: Snowshoe vs barebooting

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    Barebooters either impoverished,stupid or selfish

    It's been my experience that barebooters care not about the knees and orthopedic safety of other climbers.

    So unless your poor ...if I run into you screwing up a trail you better be faster.
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    Climbing Stallion/BMT

    Whose woods these are, I think I know. His house is in the village tho. Would He not mind If I climb on, to watch His woods fill up with snow? R. Frost (paraphrased)undefined

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    I think most folks here are missing the fact that barebooting is an art.

    You have to find the perfect balance between making a hole shallow enough to step out of, but deep enough to twist snowshoeing ankles.

    You have to space your steps so it is not only efficient for you to move forward, but also erratic enough to throw off anyone who is trying to find a pattern around the holes.

    Meanwhile you have to be extra careful of your energy exertion and temperature regulation since barebooting takes quite an effort and when you encounter a snowshoer you must still have some energy left to fight off his flailing snowshoe kicks (tip:make postholes around the snowshoer to throw them off their stance).

    With enough practice and concentration you can then stare back with pride on your glorious holes and their wake of left-for-dead snowshoers.

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    Glad this thread didn't get as heated as the Facebook issue about whether breastfeeding mothers could post their photos.


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    Quote Originally Posted by David Metsky View Post
    Hey, I'm a backcountry skier, so if anything I'm even more upset about post holed trails.
    To practice NH backcountry skiing I make postholes all over the hill in my back yard. Then I sprinkle water over any powder and let it freeze overnight to a nice ice and breakable crust coating.

    In the morning, I have the perfect practice trail.

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    I remember a thread like this last year. I agree with what Carmel said. I think I winter hiked for 20 years and didn't realize postholes bothered anyone until I read about it on vftt. I didn't even think about it. Some people have snowshoes, some people can't afford them or don't go often.
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    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this yet, but the debate (IMHO) should not be 'bare'boot vs snowshoes these days. Stabilicers have become my favorite piece of gear, in times where there is snow on the trails, but not enough to warrant snow shoes.
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