I am just getting wind of this project and do not find mention of it in a forum search. Nor do I know much about it yet other than the fact that the HV lines aim to transmit power from Quebec to NH/New England. There's a first public meeting on Monday in Sugar Hill and Franconia; presumably the company will pitch the project. Maps can be found at


The "preferred route" in this area cuts right through the Rocks Estate (SPNHF) in Bethlehem and uses an existing ROW in the WMNF; it crosses the AT on the Kinsman Ridge between Mt Wolf and Eliza Brook shelter and goes down through the lower section of Franconia Notch (see pg. 2 of the pdf maps). The alternative route, not preferred by the company, takes the line west of the WMNF and Franconia Notch and then heads east again lower down through the Plymouth area, thus bypassing the Notch area. This alternate would be roughly along the old rail route "bypass" into the north country.

Is it feasible, technologically and economically, to bury these lines in sensitive areas?