There was only patchy snow up to the point where the trail bisects the old CCC Road. Shortly after crossing the CCC Road, the trail had some icy spots, as well as a light coating of snow (an inch or less) all the way to the top. We were easily able to ascend without using any foot traction device. However, for the descent we opted to put on some light traction (Microspikes for me, and Hillshound for my friend Marty).

There were no blowdowns of any significance and no issues with water crossings.

If you've hiked the Red Trail from the trailhead off the Shelburne Base Lodge Road, then the following is likely NOT an issue. However, for first-time hikers along this trail, I can say from experience that it is easy to miss the sign at the point where the Red Trail diverges from the forest roadway and heads off into the woods!

Here is one other helpful hint. There are a few places throughout this trail system where there are hairpin turns, and the temptation is to go straight ahead, but in reality, the trail has completely reversed its direction!

My BLOG has some photos taken during this hike.