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Thread: Fun & Views on Owl's Head, The Owl Head and The Owl Head Cliffs 8-29-12

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    Fun & Views on Owl's Head, The Owl Head and The Owl Head Cliffs 8-29-12

    I made a quick trip up to the summit of the 4K Owl's Head via the usual trails including my version of the Black Pond bushwhack. There are a thousand and one permutations of the BP whack and if they get you to where you're going, then you had a great whack. After lunching on the summit with three other Owl's Head summiteers and then Bruce P. making his Owl's Head summit, they soon departed and I had the summit to myself.

    Instead of heading back down the slide or the Brutus bushwhack, I had something else in mind for today. I wanted to do some exploring. When one reaches the waters of Black Pond, there is a beautiful view across the pond to a pointy peak and also some intriguing cliffs to the east. I had always wanted to bushwhack down to these two locations and today was the day.

    The pointy peak known as The Owl Head and The Owl Head Cliffs off to the lower right as seen from across Black Pond.

    A zoomed in view of The Owl Head and The Owl Head Cliffs to the lower right.

    A view of Lincoln and Lafayette from the Owl's Head slide.

    I followed the ridge down from the former summit of Owl's Head to The Owl Head. Not much for views from that peak but a beautiful walk down the ridge through really nice woods. From there I set my bearing to The Owl Head Cliffs. I had hoped for a big, broad ledge from where I could soak in the views but that big, broad ledge doesn't exist. The views are more from a series of random boulders and very small view ledges but the views were outstanding.

    Nice views. Anderson, Lowell, Vose Spur, Carrigain, Northwest Hancock and the Hancocks.

    Bond and the long bony ridge heading up to Bondcliff.

    The magnificent Bonds: West Bond, Bond and Bondcliff.

    A view into Redrock Ravine where the beautiful Redrock Pond (aka Bear Pond) is located.

    Bear claw marks climbing this Beech tree looking for Beech nuts.

    From The Owl Head Cliffs I headed back down to the south, crossed Lincoln Brook and came out on the Lincoln Brook trail within 50' of where I came out earlier in the day on my BP whack. I had a bite to eat, then jumped back on my BP whack to Black Pond and back to the car. The weather could not have been better for today and the hoped for views from The Owl Head Cliffs were achieved. Just another great day in the Whites!


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    Awesome and unique views!

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    I did a similar hike a few years ago except that from the cliffs I went E to Franconia Brook Trail.

    Your photo is a bit obstructed but it's my opinion that it's the cliffs that looked like an owl's head and gave the ridge its name. The USGS stuck the name on the sharp spur instead which doesn't look much like an owl, and the AMC keeps moving it farther N yet :-)

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    great tr!

    thanx for sharing this unique hike with us, outstanding pix with great lighting and angles! My 2 favorites; the bony ridge of bondcliff and the bear marks up the beech tree, great stuff!

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    Gorgeous! What a fun adventure! Great photographs as always.

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