date: 7/11/13

trails: logging road, bushwack

conditions: parked at the end of the unmarked logging road 2.8 miles west of belvidere corner on 109. take care not to block the gate. plenty of room for a car or two out of the way. other than a no parking sign on the gate reminding people not to park in front of it there were no other posted prohibitions on use of the land. i walked about .4 miles up the road to the second clearing and headed into the woods shortly afterward to pick up the mountains south ridge. i held my bearing through the maze of wet and overgrown old skidder roads, occasionally using them to my advantage, up to the ridge line. woods were mostly open hardwoods. not unexpectedly everything was still wet today after rain this morning. the ridgeline had nice walking through more open woods down low with some neat large rocks and small cliffs to pass by. with elevation the woods transitioned to more fir and spruce, still open with tall ferns and hobblebush and some wet sloppy areas. moose paths became more prominent and at times useful. a couple of wet sags before the climb to the summit with one cliff to circumnavigate at the bottom of the final pitch. some blowdown around the summit area which may have made for directional views had the skies cleared off. followed the ridge back down on the descent and dropped back down to the logging road reaching it a short distance north from where i headed up earlier on.

equipment: nothing in particular.

comments: after rain early the day improved greatly by afternoon. some real nice bushwacking along the ridge with beautiful and lush fern woods up high. quite a haul up from southern nh, but worth it for the great hike.