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Thread: Parking lot beta

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    Parking lot beta

    Going into lonesome as a volunteer on an upcoming weekend, any beta on how soon Lafayette/bridal path areas fill up on a Friday am? Thinking I might have to stash a bike somewhere if need to use tram parking. Thx ctsparrow

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    If its a good forecast, my prediction is full by 7:30 AM. Locals like myself are shifting their start times earlier to get ahead of the crowds. Some spots open up when the hut guests hike down after breakfast but its a hit or miss and whatever spot opens up will be gone quickly.

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    I hadn't been north of the notches since the winter, boy was I shocked by the parking situation. The one positive development is that the crackdown on parking on the Franconia Notch parkway is working. I saw lots of new signs and ropes, but no cars, along much of Franconia Notch, mid-day Monday. A bit later the same day, Appalachia was overflowing half a mile or more in each direction, like a busy weekend in a normal time. On Wednesday, I went through Evans Notch. Baldface Circle trailhead was overflowing, with cars parked along the road. I've never seen that before. Traffic to/from Boston wasn't bad; I get the impression people are staying in places like Conway and "working from home".

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    Things seem to be slowing down in NY, as compared to last year, but we've had a LOT of rain as well...
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