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Thread: norhtville-placid thruhike resupply

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    norhtville-placid thruhike resupply

    I'm in the planning stages of a northville-placid hike, south to north, and am looking at re-supply. From the guide book and my NY map, it seems that there are two possibilites to resupply enroute: Piseco and Long Lake.

    Does anyone know anything aobut these towns? The guide book mentions that they both have PO's, but what about stores? Even a small grocery store would help out by reducing the size of the mail drop.

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    Long Lake

    Long Lake has a small country store where you could get food and supplies. It is called Hoss's I believe. They have a ice cream stand on one corner and a country store on the other.

    I hope this helps.

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    HI Frosty -
    If you'd like, PM me with your Email and I will send you the trail description laid out on a spreadsheet with all the mileage points - It may help you with your planning.

    Piseco has a small general store just after you cross Rte 8, on the right - It has basic general store and camper supplies, but not a lot of backpacker supplies - There are no other places for supplies for at least 3 some odd miles until you get to Cascade Pond (or alternatively Lake Durant Campground and take the highway)and peel off to Blue Mountain Village, or Long Lake Village.

    From the highway crossing at Piseco, Continuing up towards Piseco Proper, you will pass the airfield and then the post office on your right.

    Once you get to LLV, turn Right (N) on Rte 30 and go about 1/2 mile and the PO is on the Right (IIRC). LLV has a laundrymat on the right before you get to town and Hoss's has some supplies. There is also a Big "M" grocery store by the post office, though it might be under a different name now.

    The times I did it, I was glad I mailed my stuff, (I tend to dry a lot of my own veggies and stuff) From my experience, The backpacking food at the smaller stores was more "ramen'esque" than anything else, 'course you might find some good items. There is also something nice about pulling into a post office and getting your bump box, taken what you need, leaving what you don;t need and sending it onward.


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    Lake Durant

    I'm wondering about resupply also. Does it make sense to mail a resupply box to Lake Durant Campground?

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    N/LP tail resupply

    You can try stashing supplies at road crossing, like hanging a bear bag with stuff. Of course- this is not good for perishables .

    Of couse- it's not the AT and you shouldn't have to resupple more then once or twice- right.

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    Two resupplies seems to be about average. I do mine at Piseco and Blue Mountain Village.

    The Piseco PO is literally on the "trail" so to speak... it's actually on the road that bridges the trail in this section.

    The Blue Mountain PO however is a decent walk down into town off the trail and then back away from the direction you want to be heading. I've never dropped at the capmgrounds there, but if this is doable, it would be a better choice than the PO since it is on the way. There is a small corner store/gas station that is down in town, but my recollection is that it doesnt carry much... I wouldnt rely on picking up too much stuff here, but could be wrong. One other option is that just up Rt 30 from the town intersection is an Outfitter who will accept mail drops. This is on the road on the way to the Adirondack Museum if you plan on visiting that.

    I have never dropped at Long Lake, but there is a Stewarts here and the aformentioned Hoss'. It is very possible to re-supply a lot of your goods in Long Lake without a drop.... but I'd err on the side of caution when doing that and send along anything of real importance in case these stores happen to be out of it or closed for whatever reason when you get there.

    My sig includes a link to my NP site with other info... and feel free to msg me or email me. Hope this helps

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    food drop/pick up

    I agree with all that is said. That corner store in Blue Mt. has a decent amout of stuff. Food for sure, but i wouldn't count on getting stove fuel there. But it should suffice if you only need food etc. It IS a long way off the trail. At least 2 miles. So plan accordingly. Lake Durant campground is a good idea(they have showers too), and there is a campground near Wakely Dam but i don't know what their policy is. A drop at Piseco, Wakely Dam/Durant, and Long Lake would make your load a little easier to carry.

    Long Lake is also a great spot to recover. The rest rooms at the beach are ALWAYS open, The Adirondack Hotel has UBU on tap, and the Stewarts is well stocked. That hamlet can be(and was) a real boost - from there you are about 3 days from Placid. And i think that section is the best along the trail.


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