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  • Cool. And if you ever decide to come down to the Catskills, I'd be happy to show you around the "gentle hills". :cool:
    Hey, man. Sounds like a plan. I do try to get up to the Adirondacks and New England but it's quite a haul. The Catskills are the closest "real" mountains but even they're 2 hours away. I've got some ambitious plans for up North this Spring and Summer so maybe then. A Dix Range traverse as well as a MacIntyre traverse (including Marshall) are two things I'm looking forward to doing.
    10 hours? Wow... I guess you'll have to plan a long trip, or come up for something crazy like a Presi Traverse/Pemi Loop which'll make it well worth the drive. I'd love to make it to the Adirondacks sometime this summer, ideally. We shall see...
    thanks for the green on my b-day, just picked up on it..they used to tell ya but now seems it doesnt...
    see you tomorrow night tyler....better bring your ace bandages....for you gut as well be laughing so hard all day...what fun , eh...
    tyler as you have read, not sure now we will be there bright and early i have found out..didnt want ya waiting,,
    We hiked up to the Hough-Pough col, made camp, and went up to tag Hough. I had forgotten my foam sleeping pad, but we mad do by using the 2 empty packjs for the missing pad. Monday morning, we hiked up and got Carson and Grace. That's 42W now for me. Did you guys get
    I am not sure about NUM NUM I have not heard from him since last night. Shoot me a PM and we can exchange cell numbers.
    Just curious...I saw one of your locations was Houghton, NY. I was actually wondering if you went to Houghton. I've known a few people that have gone there in the past...waaaaay past!
    All the cool people, huh? I don't know about that, after all, I am friends with Adam.:D
    I'm really disappointed I can't go this weekend, looks like it's shaping up to be a really fun time! I had some unexpected plumbing issues at my house that cost me close to a $1000.:mad: No extra money for the 5+ hour drive North.
    Next time, hopefully!
    BTW, where do you go to school?
    BTW you young bucks will be a lot faster than this middle aged over weight gentleman hahahaha
    NUM NUM is also going but I am not sure he can arrive at the trailhead by 5am. Not sure what you want to do. Sounds like with going over Dial and Nip you have a big day planned and want to start early.
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