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  • Thank you for the Greenie. Good thing you have not been by recently, as it looks a bit more disheveled :O
    HAHAHAHA I am going to be up there on the 20th! I am not sure what I am hiking though. I wanted to string like 4 or so peaks together like you did. That way my cound could be in the mid teens!
    I am serious. Corning is not that far from you really is it? We could stash your car here where I work in there parking garage and then head out! Oh yeah 1001 to be exact and as far as knowledgable I doubt that HAHAHAHAHAHA
    It should be a great time! Drive to Corning Friday and I will drive the rest of the way!
    Its all good. This site is great for hiking information but just a little be uptighter than our other home. So you up for Allen on Saturday?
    I don't get why the vid was locked. I thought it was funny! Come on, who actually likes hitler?!
    Thanks, and likewise. I'm hoping posting number 2 will include a view from a summit.
    Thanks, Selfishly, I've been able to get out this winter. It's my poor wife who has been house bound.
    Hi and thanks so much. It was indeed a great day to be out there and a great peak to finish on. Best wishes.
    It was great meeting you. The ADK is a special place. Great people too. I will be back.
    Too much in the cats? Naw, just 204 ascents, 3 rounds done. 6 more peaks for 4th round. 5 more for 2nd W. :D
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