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  • Tony, thanks for the greenie.

    When are you going to come hike with us? It would be great to get together again.
    Hey Tony,

    Do you realize that on this day in history nothing special happened? :D

    Seriously, happy birthday - have a great one! ;)
    Hey Tony, Thanks for the greenie on the Wildcats hike report - much appreciated.

    I recall you once said you wanted to join us on some of our hikes. Well????
    Thanks for the greenage! Only you can do something so nice, then say something so mean!
    Thanks, Tony!
    I don't mind tromping around in dark in Summer ....but, winter??
    Happy Trails!
    Thank you! The last time I hiked the Bonds was in August. It was really pretty incredible to be up there in winter, and to witness how things had changed with the seasons... :)
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