Banff festival - New York City - March 4th & March 5th

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Sep 3, 2003
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New York City
Finally the program has been announced for this year's films. The showings will be on Tuesday March 4th and Wednesday March 5th at Symphony Space, Broadway and 95th.

I'll be going both nights. Hopefully those in the area will come and after Wednesday night we can hit the nearby "Dive Bar" for a few cold ones.

Add a note to this thread if you intend to go to the show and maybe to the bar.


Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
New York
Symphony Space
Tuesday, March 4, 2008​


Norway, 2006, 15 minutes
Directed and produced by Morten Gjerstad
Focus: Snowkiting
Entropy documents the most progressive season in snowkiting so far. Join a couple of the world’s best riders as they search for the ultimate snow and wind conditions. Along the way, they reinvent snowkiting by taking a new-school approach and pushing the limit of ’wake style’ manoeuvres.

Ice Mines

Canada, 2007, 30 minutes
Directed and produced by Will Gadd
Focus: Ice climbing
Rating: Parental Guidance - Coarse language

What’s an ice climber to do in the age of global warming? Go underground. Deep underground. Five years ago Will Gadd heard rumours of ice hidden in the blackness of abandoned mines in Sweden. Gadd and his friend Andreas Spak explore the mines, finding challenge, danger, and amazing ice formations.

Wings on Your Feet (Le ali ai piedi)

Switzerland, 2006, 25 minutes
Directed and produced by Fulvio Mariani
Focus: Telemark Skiing
John Falkiner and Paolo Tassi — two charming characters, untiring powder hunters, and free telemark interpreters — tell us about their dreams and why they have chosen skiing as their true lifestyle. Whooshing through Fulvio Mariani’s camera shots, they guide us on journeys of discovery and friendship in magnificent landscapes around the world.

Trial & Error

People’s Choice Award for Radical Reels
Canada, 2006, 8 minutes
Directed by Bjørn Enga
Produced by Radical Films
Focus: Mountain Biking, environment
Mountain biker Ryan Leech sets out to ride an incredibly difficult trail in the coastal mountains of British Columbia. With the valley slated for clearcut logging, Trial & Error combines Ryan’s extraordinary riding with his thoughts about the very special location.

20 Seconds of Joy

Best Film on Mountain Sports and People’s Choice Award
Germany, 2007, 60 minutes
Directed by Jens Hoffmann
Produced by Clenonice Comino
Focus: BASE jumping, Human Narrative
Rating: Parental Guidance - Coarse language

“I don’t want to die, I want to live. I’m pretty good at running away, and this is my escape!” This is how Karina Hollekim describes her dedication to BASE jumping. Documentary filmmaker Jens Hoffman first met the now 30-year-old Norwegian in 2002. He immediately started to film, accompanying her through many stages of her BASE-jumping career, until it comes to a sudden stop, changing all aspects of her life.

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
New York
Symphony space
Wdnesday, March 5, 2008​


Canada, 2006, 11 minutes ; Directed and produced by Paul Cotton
Focus: Skiing

Balance profiles the rapidly growing world of new-school skiing, looking at all aspects of the sport: big mountain lines, terrain parks and half-pipes, and jibbing. This film captures the athletes’ desires to push the edge of their abilities while facing the obvious safety risks associated with high calibre skiing. With high-energy footage cut to an upbeat soundtrack, the audience is challenged to judge whether these athletes are crazy or just extremely talented, or maybe both.

Inner Balance

Canada, 2007, 5 minutes ; Directed and produced by Brian MacKenzie
Focus: Unicycling
Inner Balance features some of the top riders in their respective riding styles from Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. Riders take unicycling to the next level with amazing drops and trials riding in a massive indoor bike park. You won’t believe what’s possible on a unicycle.

The Endless Knot

USA, 2007, 52 minutes
Directed by Michael Brown; Produced by David D’Angelo
Focus: Culture, Climbing, Human narrative
In 1999, best friends Alex Lowe and Conrad Anker were overcome by an avalanche while climbing in the Tibetan Himalaya. Alex died and Conrad survived and suffered terribly from survivor’s guilt. In comforting one another after the tragedy, Conrad and Alex’s widow Jennifer unexpectedly found love. Now they must see if their love can survive and if Alex’s three boys can accept Conrad as a new father. To honour Alex’s name, Conrad and Jennifer try to find meaning beyond tragedy by supporting a mountaineering safety school for Sherpas.

Ain’t Got No Friends on a Powder Day

Switzerland, 2007, 5 minutes
Directed and produced by Nicolas Falquet and Loris Falquet
Focus: Skiing
Loris is a “classic” freerider. Jean-Yves, however, has a more or less “accidental” style. This film draws a parallel between two styles and two approaches to the same mountain, which are otherwise worlds apart.

The Western Lands — Hoy

Best Short Mountain Film
UK, 2007, 9 minutes
Directed and produced by Grant Gee
Focus: Climbing, Human Interest
Rating: General

Writer Jim Perrin’s attempted climb of the Old Man of Hoy on his 60th birthday. A poetic documentary of love, loss and landscape under the dying of the light.


France, 2005, 17 minutes
Directed and produced by David Arnaud
Focus: Kayaking
In-Flux is about the true meaning of paddling: the perpetual need to go and travel the globe with your kayak in search of the magic something you can find only on the river. Shot in Italy, Canada, Norway, and the Reunion islands, the film combines adrenaline-driven action and remarkable natural wonders.


Best Film on Mountain Environment
UK, 2005, 7 minutes
Directed by Sharon Colman
Produced by Jamie Wolpert
Focus: Environment/Animation
The tale of a badger who just wants the world to let him sleep.

King Lines: Es Pontas
(13 minute excerpt)

USA, 2007, 13 minutes
Directed and produced by Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer
Focus: Climbing
Rating: General

A segment from King Lines, filmed on location in Mallorca, Spain. This spectacular segment captures Chris Sharma’s challenging ascent of the Es Pontas arch. Deep water soloing at its best.
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Please let us know how you liked it. I was going to Lebanon last week to see it, but the road conditions were bad so, had to cancel.
Banff Film Festival World Tour

The festival is appearing in a number of locations all over the Northeast including Arlington, MA, Lenox MA as well as in VT, NH and ME. Check the festival website for location, dates and times.
To all NYC area folks:

These Films are this week!

Here's their updated (finally) web site: Banff NYC.

I'll be going both nights. After Wednesday night, let's go to the Dive Bar which is a couple of blocks away and we can put down a few cold ones.

Meet outside the theater on the sidewalk after the show and we can find each other. (Normally we'd be the scraggly ones, but with this audience we might actually blend in :D )

Anyone coming? Hello! Anyone?
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When all is said and done I would LOVE to know what you all think of 20 Seconds of Joy, the base jumping film, and winner of the People's Choice Award.