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Aug 9, 2004
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Long Island NY
Wanted to say hello to everyone out there. VFTT got me involved with so many activities over the last 12 years that I'm so thankful for, except for the bad knees which probably would have happened anyway if I was a couch potato. So since having the knee issues and trying out the views from the water I now have 8 boats. I think 5 canoes, 1 kayak and 2 ADK style pack boats. I went with a member from in August for a 7 day Canadian paddle in Algonquin. I highly recommend it, looks almost like the ADK but with more portages. So, hope all is well. Coldfeet
Welcome back ... 8 boats?! Well I'm not surprised ... when I bought my boat I had concluded it'd take that many to meet paddling permutations I imagined. 8 boats ... is there a support group like AA for that kind of thing ... I need one for my mapaholicism.
One More Boat Till We Quit It!


Met you several years ago at the Lows Lake put in. You were taking out and I was putting in.

We have recently moved to the Berkshires from far Northern New York.

I am still paddling, but am down to only (3) boats: (2) canoes and (1) NEW kayak - just one more boat till we quit it!

Be well.

Hi guys, I went to the New Jersey Pine Barrens this weekend, paddled/camped on the Mullica River. App 11 miles long but we stopped and camped at the 6 mile mark. Reserve America sites. Water was real low and I took a two friends and fun was had by all. Of course I fell asleep at 9pm and missed the coyotes calling. Wonderful place and only 160 miles from Long Island, but traffic was the pits when getting into Brookyln!

Mike, I just retired from working at a sleep away camp in Copake NY, app 25 min from Great Barrington. Used to meet up with JayH over there and pass along some bagles to him, beautiful area. Nice choice.

Stan! Ahh I remember the Tequila shots in the back of your wagon, great way to warm up!

Peakbagr, seems like I'm always rehabbing something. My high adventure is slowing down but I'm still taking one step at a time. Playing things a bit cautious these days.

happy thanksgiving!

ps, got into "hot" tenting ahhh!
hey buddy. hope all is well. i too have been oit of action for various reasons. glad to see you're still active. hope the hot tent is treating those bumb knees better?

see ya on the trails.
Wow, it's been a long time for me, too. Not much hiking anymore, but just back from 3 nights on Lake Lila with my friend & her new canoe. I still get up to the Adirondacks a few times a year; mostly to visit David & Terri at TMax-n-Topo's Hostel. I even watch the place for a week in January!