Fisher Cats Exist on the AT in Lyme! Oh and bears too...

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Feb 20, 2005
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Well, I'm sure you think, of course they do! Well I never thought I'd be able to get a somewhat clear shot of one...


This Fisher was eating some berries in trees below me when I was on the Lambert Ridge trail in Lyme. I watched him for over 30 minutes eat away. Every once in awhile I got his attention so I could attempt to get a picture. I was surprised he had no problem with me because I thought they were elusive. No matter, I enjoyed watching him. After awhile, he decided to get even closer, and even started to climb up along part of the ledge. That was enough for me, I decided to head out.

Anways, back to the hike: I did a fun solo over Smarts Mtn from Quintown Rd, then down Lambert Ridge, and a section of AT that led me to the Dartmouth Skiway. It was one hell of a only complaint...poison ivy at the very end of the trip along the field at the skiway. Pics n stuff next!

I was amazed by the peak foliage on the short walk up Quintown, and right as I was taking this picture, a bear ran off and shook the ground with all its might (well it felt like he shook the ground, either way it was LOUD)


Off I go up the J Trail, hoping it was more than just a letter.

South Jacobs Brook glistening in the mid morning sunshine.

This trail was a gem. Maybe it doesn't have the same charm in summer or spring, but when the trees are at peak foliage it is awesome. The lower sections reminded me of the Carr Mtn trail from the Three Ponds Side. There were lots of wet and mud spots, but that is to be expected with all the rain we've had since August.



This was prob the easiest 4 mile trail I've hiked that has ascended a mountain. Book time was over 3 hours, and I completed it in 2 hours on the dot. I felt quite strong at the time.

Next pic, when the forest transitions to spruce and fir, it was a beautiful section.

Now at the top, I took at least a 90 minute break because I was so far ahead of schedule. The views from the firetower were the best I've seen, visibility was at least 80 miles.

You figure em out....

Kodak Ledges up to Mt Cube

That would be peak foliage

Down to Orford

Wow, what a view of Moosiluake and Clough, and I think you can see the old Sanitorium...whatever its called now.

back in a few.

A couple more view shots..lookin south along the AT, if you blow up the picture enough you can see DHMC glistening in the sun. It was an amazing day for visibility


Smarts really does have an extensive view from its tower

After an extended stay, it was time to head down Lambert Ridge trail. My knee immediately started to bother me on the steep hike down the summit cone, so I took this section very slowly. After getting by the Ranger trail junction, the trail continued its steep nature for a few more min, then traversed thru the extended beech and birch col for at least a mile.


Then, a short, steep climb up to the Lambert Ridge, which has periodic, but top notch views.





Holts Ledge/Skiway, last views of the day

I've been on quite a few hikes, and yesterday's views were some of the best I've ever seen, visibility wise. It was truly a day to remember. Pics cannot do it justice, and what I saw with my eye far exceeded what I could capture with my camera.

After hitting the bottom, I walked along a fairly new 2 mile stretch of AT that led me to the Dartmouth Skiway. I was somewhat unimpressed, mainly because it was quite rocky and my feet were hurting.

And I thought I was almost finished!!!

That would be yellow...


the final wildlife viewing of the day. Prob bigger than the bear too...this guy was huge! And quite playful

So there ya have it. A memorable hike thanks to the animal sighting, views, and peak colors. I was glad to get out because the weather is turning to crap starting tomorrow. Hope you like!