Goggle fog


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I was shopping at MountainGear.com today looking at the end-of-season clearance on goggles. One that their support people highly recommended was the Siege


They also pointed me here for replacement lenses, and they sell the goggles as well.


They have a "lifetime warranty" against even scratches, although there is a $35 processing fee (no mention of shipping), which is less than the $40-$70 retail replacement cost of new lenses.

Anyone have these goggles or opinions / experience with them they can share?

I've used a balaclava with some success in cold, windy, above tree line situations that contains a foam pad that fits in the nose piece straddling the nose preventing exhaled air from going up through to the goggles. Additionally, there is a module (thermal conversion) through which one breaths, actually warming the air breathed in. It can take some getting used to. I only use it when situations are very unpleasant as it does keep me a lot warmer than with a normal face mask as I'm breathing in warm air. The product is called a PSOLAR. http://www.psolar.com/ It substantially reduces the fogging of my glasses and goggles in those conditions. When the wind drops I just pull the face part down below my chin.

Wall Street Journal article/review on these types of masks; http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100...5067523683424564.html?mod=WSJ_latestheadlines
For years we divers have spit into our masks, rinsed them out with water, and have had fog free masks while diving in chilly waters with either no ventilation or an occasional exhalation through the nose.

Can someone try this and post the results? :):)