lafayette, lincoln, liberty, flume 5/1/11

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Mar 2, 2004
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southeastern, nh
date: 5/1/11

trails: old bridle path, greenleaf trail, franconia ridge trail, osseo trail, lincoln woods trail

conditions: bridle path mostly bare down low. increased snow as trail starts to climb, but bare along the first section of ledges. once back in the woods mostly snow/snow rail that was solid in the morning. some snow before treeline on greenleaf trail then pretty much bare to lafayette and across the ridge to little haystack. snow quickly covered the trail south of little haystack and was a mix of snow rail and postholed trail to liberty. lots of rail heading towards flume and bare around the summit ledges. more deep snow up high on osseo. once at the stairs things got a little trickier with some exposed stairs and wet sloppy snow. snow line is a bit above the old rail grade section of osseo trail. then it was bare trail and mostly dry to lincoln woods parking.

equipment: we used spikes on old bridle path which were helpful on the snowy sections, but had to do a lot of bare ledge walking with them as well. bareboots from treeline on lafayette until treeline on little haystack. booted it until past the first ledgy drop and through the badly postholed steeps and then snowshoes until the stairs on osseo (removing them briefly for liberty and flume summit areas). we carried crampons, but definitely didn't need them today. spikes for the stairs and until the snow petered out. got the impression that if doing the lafayette-lincoln loop right now light traction is about all that's necessary. that said, we saw some footwear choices on the ridge that made me feel like a sissy for being out there in boots, gaiters, etc.....

comments: beautiful hike to kick off may. short sleeves all day. warm with just a light wind up high and great views in all directions. thanks to mark, cynthia and myles (who we picked up along the way) for a great day.


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