Looking like a dry start to the summer


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I was hiking Sandwich this weekend and came down Smarts Brook Trail. Definitely low flow in Smarts. I have noticed the Pemi looks quite low from I93 so I took a look at NH streamflow page https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nh/nwis/rt and a lot of 10 to 25th percentile flows. Someone who has access to data on the upper Androscoggin storage system mentioned that the lakes in the system (Umbagog, Richardson, Aziscohos and Richardson are in better shape than last year but last year was record lows. It is supposed to be warmer and wetter in the NE this year but my guess is barring early hurricanes moving up the coast its going to be dry in the woods. There was a wildfire reported in Albany NH in the woods last evening on WMUR but noi update yet.
Apparently there were/are a couple of fires in Albany. One at the covered bridge (may have started in the campground) and another near route 16. Not a good start to the summer.