Missing elderly woman suffering early Alzheimer's


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If you have time today and are in the mountains, the Waterville Public Safety department is asking for volunteers to assist in the search. I can't think of a better qualified crew than VFTT faithful.... The rally point is at the Waterville Academy building on Boulder Path Rd at the base of the old Snows Mountain ski area. Exit 28 off 93, right on 49, 13 miles NW to the town of Waterville Valley. When you come into town stay straight on 49, which becomes Valley Road. Go past the school, sign Do town square (left) and the golf clubhouse (right), then turn right onto Boulder Path. Go straight for half a mile (past golf course and tennis courts RIGHT) and you'll see the Academy and ski area lot on the right.

The rally time is 8am but they will gladly accept your help at any time, please check in with the command center. Come prepared for time in the woods. I was out for six hours on Wednesday and was amazed at the effort by so many people both pros and volunteers.

Mrs. Upton has been out there since Tuesday PM so obviously hopes are dimming. I hate to think of her alone, confused and frightened. If you can make it, I assure the whole town will be grateful.
A sad update.

The Union Leader reports that a body was found yesterday in a remote area in Waterville Valley by "searchers were out on behalf of the family" of the missing woman. No ID has been released.
Agreed. Sad news, but closure will surely be welcome at this point. I pray that evidence of foul play is not found.
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Best to focus on the positive - her family and community have the closure that they need now.

Hindsight is always 20/20 - surely there was good reason she wasn't found earlier. Rest assured, the searchers did all that was humanly possible to find her.

Many thanks for those who are out there volunteering their time and talent and working, often thanklessly, to bring people home and to bring closure to families of those who will not return home.
. . . wonder why she wasn't found sooner

In thick vegetation, searchers can have great difficulty in seeing someone on the ground. I've laid on the ground in training situations and watched SAR dog handlers walk by so close that I could have grabbed their legs.

The dogs are effective in many situations, but air currents swirl in ways wondrous and maddening here in New England. I worked SAR dogs in AK, MN, WA and New England. This is easily the toughest of those locations for wind variability, which can frustrate a plan to cover an assigned area.

Without elaborating, I will say that the passage of time may have made this find more likely. The handler that found the remains is among the most experienced and competent in the country.
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