Mt Carr via Carr Mountain Trail (western trailhead, Warren, NH): 19-Feb-2012

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Jan 18, 2007
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Bethlehem, NH
This hike was done on 19-Feb and so these trail conditions are a few days old. Nonetheless, it can be reported that the Mt Carr Trail was overall in good shape from its western trailhead (near Warren, NH) all the way to the summit. There were a few blowdowns, but all were easy to negotiate in one manner or another. The trail had a light layer of firm snow from trailhead to summit. Microspikes were worn for the entire hike.

In terms of parking, we took a few minutes to shovel out a spot which is large enough to accommodate one vehicle at the trailhead parking lot which is located on Clifford Brook Road about a tenth of a mile or so west of where the trail actually begins.

A few photos from this trek are at my BLOG.
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