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Sep 8, 2003
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Paris Expedition Sled??

I have everythig to build my winter sled but one little piece, THE SLED!

Does anyone know of a retailer that carries these. I refuse to be screwed by the inflated freight they charge for shipping these. The mail order buggers even refuse to bill it to my ups account! There making more on freight than on the sled!

OK Rant done:)
Throughout NH and ME, all the Aubuchon hardware stores I've ever visited carry them. Think hunting and fishing. Usually under $20, which is cheaper than online even before shipping.

edit to add: When my wife and I built our pulks ("Sweeper One" and "Sweeper Two"), we used Paris Expeditions (the thicker, orange ones) from the Aubuchon in Portland. Though we spent close to $70 for the materials to buy each of the two pulks, I thought the sled hull was about $20. Could have been higher though. I'm not always particularly cost-conscious, especially when I know the value is good. See also Spencer's Penob Bob site, which he might have edited to agree with me because he doesn't want to get run over by the Sweepers. "I started with a Paris Expedition sled. They are available here in Maine at many hardware stores for about $20."


Whether $20 or $30, you're getting a good value. I was pleased with the durability of the plastic along with its pulling characteristics.
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Try Gander Mountain - they have an ice fishing sled $25. the only problem I have had are the front corners are not rounded. 90 angles catch on everything.
Ken, I got one through a local True Value hardware store late last winter. Initially they didn’t think they could help me (not in stock at the warehouse, minimum order required from the manufacturer, excessive shipping costs, etc.) but I left my name and number and a few days later the store called and said the sled was in. I think it was about $32, including shipping.
I did see them at the Aubuchon hardware in Clinton last winter and made a mental note to go back and pick one up. They were black, a little wider than a normal sled and heavy duty, like for ice fishing. It was about the same size as an old Mountainsmith Pulk I used years ago. About $25-$40. Of Course, I misplaced my mental note But I do recall them and they were what I would want if I were rebuilding a new pulk.
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Thank you everyone for your response! I did locate one and yes it's the larger sturdier orange sled. Yes it's the SkiPulk with fibreglass poles.

I found (called) an Abuchon (not easy to come by in my area of the state) he actually reffered me to an on line store. With shipping it was about $50.00 but it saved me a LOT of driving and i was able to get the sturdier orange one.

Thanks again all...
Shipping Expense

Hi Ken-
I saw your rant on being ripped off when getting companies to ship sleds and while I could not agree more about your sentiments for rip offs ... The problem with sleds is the shipping companies and not the sled seller.

I sell paris Expedition sleds to those who use my parts to build their own pulks at and last winter I was having to pay UPS $40 to ship a $25 sled. In the end I discovered that I can stretch wrap the pulk sled in a plastic stretch film and save enough in girth dimensions to be able to ship the Paris for about $24 in postage costs through the USPS. Put it in a box with the USPS and the price jumps to over $60 due to the extra inches. Ship the sled in plastic through UPS and you pay more because it is not in a box. You get the point.

Getting your sled local is always the best option. Those having to ship a Paris Expedition- Try stretch wrapping with the USPS and you will save a bundle.

By the way Paris was bought out this summer by ERAPRO out of Canada. They moved prduction to Canada but still have a US distributing office ...hopefully the sleds will not be harder to find this winter. I think they are the best sled for Pulk building.

Thanks- Ed B (Pulky Ed)
By the way Paris was bought out this summer by ERAPRO out of Canada. They moved prduction to Canada
Well.I guess that would explain why the Paris Sled website is gone.
I bought my sled directly from them several years ago,and I believe it was around $39,plus shipping.
Sleds can be fun! I rode mine down (with 2 backpacks)the long hill on the Ethan Pond trail,where it veers away from the Ripley Falls trail. About half way down,I realized the sled was totally in control(brakes??what brakes?) :eek:
Found some sleds!!!!

Here is the website for the new company ERAgroup

I contacted the new company and you have to place a minimum order of $500. That comes out to 30 or more sleds. I didn't need a stockpile of these.

They said that they supply True Value Hardware Stores and gave me a there website to find a store near me.

I was surprised that I found a store that actually had them in stock.

Well, if this doesn't help get you the sled then send me a PM and I can get more from my local store. I would only need to be reimbursed for cost and shipping.
Several stores in my area have them. I know of two stores that carry them all year round.

buy them at your local store and feel good about!

b/c I'm such a pulk nut, I'd be willing to assist in the buying process if you are looking for one and can't find them in your area.

The sled that Ace Hardware carries is NOT made by Paris, but by EMSCO. Spencer and I could have a very intellectual discussion of the relative merits of both the Paris and EMSCO ("The Beast") sleds (well, at least an alcohol induced discussion ;)) . Suffice it to say that the plastic that is used in the EMSCO sled is not as sturdy as that used by Paris. That being said, my EMSCO sled finally failed (the sled itself, not the tracer arms) after 3 years, and 7 trips, last year on a Baxter ski traverse (I was able to field repair it). Two of those trips were 6 days in length, so the sled had over 100 rough miles on it. I'm getting a replacement and I will still go with the EMSCO as it carries more of a load than the Paris. FWIW, both sleds are excellent choices.

Incidentally, the ACE sled (EMSCO) is selling on-line for $25.29 with $10.20 shipping.
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SherpaKroto said:
Incidentally, the ACE sled (EMSCO) is selling on-line for $25.29 with $10.20 shipping.
When I bought mine last year, I called the local Ace hardware store. They ordered it for me for $5 less than the online price with no shipping charges. I have been very happy with this sled.

Name of the Larger sled

Is the larger sled you refer to the black *snow hauler* listed on the Paris website? Looks to me like the nose of the thing is quite abrupt and might plow snow rather than float over it?