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Note for future readers - DO NOT use carbon fiber poles for your sled.

During my trip last week to Chimney Pond I broke them 3 times and luckily was able to fix them:
-going to RB... while trying to reach back to grab one of the poles I torqued one pole too much and the CF section snapped.
-after going a little off trail to let a snowmobile by I tried backing up with the sled - the force when going reverse on a slight uphill snapped another section of the CF pole.
-after getting water from the pond I tripped on the harness with my snowshoes and with that I guess I torqued the other pole and snapped it.

Convinced? Good.
The aluminum skiing poles worked great and are pretty light. I'll probably hit a consignment area for some old poles to replace the CF sections I had.
The rest of the sled worked great. Only things I changed for the trip was eliminating the clip in this picture- just connecting the eye bolt directly to the U; and connecting the biner to the sewn webbing on my harness
Paris Sleds ....

I ordered mine through EMS last year. I believe it was in the $30.00 range.
Getting ready to try it this year.

Mabye Sawyer River Trl for a trial run.

You can buy the Paris Expedition sled at Aubuchon Hardware for $29.99. They have stores all over New England, so it's cheaper and quicker than ordering online. Not all stores will carry it, I think, so you might want to call ahead. I checked with my local store and they're expecting a shipment in the next week or so.
The ad indicates that it's a "six-pack" -- it looks like you're buying six sleds for the $193.37 price, or a bit over $32 per sled.

(Apologies to Peakbagger -- I posted my message right before yours showed up, noting the six-pack.)

Whew. That makes more sense!

I was looking at the Paris catalog link that Ed B. provided in his post and was wondering if there are substantive differences -- other than the lack of grommeted holes in the front deck and the color -- between the Expedition and the Big Boggan on the next page. The tooling looks the same...

The Big Boggan is the same tooling and shape but made with a thinner sheet of poly- It will not last as long as the Expedition.
You used to be able to buy 6 packs of the Expedition sled directly from EPA/Paris but recently they have been telling people the minimum order is $550 - about 24 sleds.

Good luck on your project- Ed B
Hey all,
I'm resurrecting this thread because, I have a paris expedition sled and don't know what to do with it.
I have done extensive research on this but, thought I would ask those who have, just built a sled,or those who have modified their sleds over the years and ask their opinion.
There are so many designs out there and I'm just baffled on what to do.

I'm thinking, for now, my sled will just be used just on roads. there will be hills but no tight corners.

What's the best, most inexpensive way to go ?

Thanks, Steve-o :)
Steve, there are a couple of cheap ways to set up your sled. I used hardware from Home Depot, schedule 40 PVC poles and a couple of biners. Here are couple of pics of how I did it.
Another way is to not put the end caps on and instead, run line, like small diameter climbing rope, through the poles with loops on either end, then use the links and biners. Less hardware that way and not much to go wrong, like an eyebolt coming loose. My waistbelt on my pack has removeable gear loops which I used with the biners to clip the sled to me.




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