Peak Dreaming - 2022

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Mike P.

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Sep 19, 2003
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Colchester, CT
In the same vein as peak bragging, what are you hoping to do this year? Finish a list, create your own, go someplace new or someplace you haven't been in decade or more, maybe go someplace you love with someone new?

For my myself:

  • I've hiked Wachusett in ten of the twelve months so I'll try and get there in February and December
  • With just three of the 115 left & before my son & I play out "Cats in Cradle", finish the three left in the ADK. (4 as I'll have to go over Donaldson again for Emmons)
  • Since a friend wants to do Washington next year & with the above goal, I've got to sensibly get there so a few 4K's during the year and more exercise in between
  • Some of those 4K's will be places I like and haven't been in years. (Been to Pierce & Moosilauke a few times recently, years for Franconia Ridge or S. Kinsman)
  • Maybe a trip to VT, it's been a while since I've been hiking there.

Anyone have some plans they want to share?
2022. Nothing big.

Prolly gonna close out the New England Fifty Finest mostly because I feel obligated to do so. Bored with lists but yet I just can’t stop. One NEFF up on the Vermont/Canada border and then another four up in way up yonder Maine.

2023 is a different story. Hoping to summit Gunnbjorn Fjeld, the highest point in both Greenland and the Arctic Circle. Will see how it all shakes out. And then I’m done. No more mountains forever.
No mountains, just hills. I'm heading back to hike in Spain on one of Europe's many ancient pilgrimage routes. I began with a 500 miler there in Spain and France in 2013 and went back to do different routes a total of six summers. I skipped the last two years due to the Pandemic, but will go again in April. This summer I will be starting in Salamanca, Spain hiking into Portugal and then following a route north back into Spain. My itinerary takes me past and through several major battles which occurred in the early 1800s between Britain, Spain, and Portugal against Napoléon's armies.

I started these pilgrimage walks at the age of 74 and am attempting this one at 82. Wish me luck for #7.

The route:

Google: Old Hillwalker
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We've been looking forward to spending more time exploring in Maine coastal region. Recently I've come across collections of guide books published by a group called the Friends of Pleistocene (FOP). FOP has available geology oriented guide books can be used for self-guided tours of various areas of New England and New York State. I'm particularly interested in checking out the 2018 guide book for Mount Desert Island which covers "Mount Desert Island glacial deposits, landforms, and place in the regional deglaciation sequence along with some Pre-Pleistocene bedrock geology". This 2018 guide book is an excellent read. I've since come across and purchased a book by Duane and Ruth Braun entitled Guide to the Geology of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park which incorporates much of the content and maps and diagrams from this 2018 Guide Book. I highly recommend this book for other people interested in exploring Acadia and its wonders.

Northeast FOP is planning a Field Trip for 2022 in Lakes Region of NH which I'm planning to attend. Even if I don't attend, I think the guide book for this trip will be fascinating reading all by itself.
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