Snowing on and off all day up in the North Country

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I was out working on stacking a bunch of wood from using my friends sawmil yesterday and it was snowing on and off all day at th Gorham Randolph line. No accumulation at my place, but looking up at the summits it looks like a dusting did accumulate. I just saw what I think was a thru hiker in town yesterday. I was wearing late fall gear to work on the wood as it didnt get much over 40 degrees today.
Sort of happy I decided to postpone my trail work trip when I saw that forecast. Nice weather for sawing, but not so nice on the scoot :)
The apple and cherry trees blossomed heading into this past weekend here, so at one point yesterday morning I wasn't sure if it was a bunch of seeds parachuting around, but then it was obviously snow. This morning heading up into Bethlehem Village and at our house, there was a 1/2 mile of heavy seed parachuting out of the trees again, and at first I thought it was snow.
27 degrees F at our house, the NWS was reporting 19 from near the bottom of Lake Coos in Whitefield.

Decidedly better working outside in the cold yesterday, as Tuesday the flies were making themselves known.