The Roost - Evans Notch - June 19, 2021

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Rhody Seth

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Dec 18, 2015
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Charlestown, RI
I wrapped up last weekend's White Mountain trip with a short hike up the Roost. My previous day was taxing so I was looking for something short. This was a quick drive from the West Bethel Motel where I spent the night so it seemed like a good choice. It was absolutely pouring about two hours prior so I figured it would be a buggy, muggy mess but I was only half right. The bugs weren't that bad (though you can see one photobomb the timelapse in the video :p) A father and his young son were setting out as I pulled in and I could hear the boy chattering happily off ahead. Nice views of the valley below from the scenic overlook - thankfully the rocks were already fairly dry from the deluge.

I went down the other side to make a loop - a bit of mud and overgrown brush near the bottom of the trail. When I hit the road my brain told me I smelled barbeque but then I realized I was walking past the Hastings Campground. Nope, just campfires. :p Even this road walk was pleasant - it was almost 11 AM but still only a few cars went by. A quiet area.

I finished my hike by stopping at the suspension bridge and capturing some aerial footage of the Wild River. It was running low but still beautiful.

Nice camera angles an editing. You must have done most of the hike twice!
Great video, what was elapsed time? Thinking of doing this on my way to the Whites, once I can cross the border.

Thanks! About 70 minutes of moving time doing it as a 2.5 mile loop which includes about a mile of road walking. If you were to go up from the northern trail head and back down that way it would only be about a mile total.

Nice camera angles an editing. You must have done most of the hike twice!

Haha, it doesn't take as long as you think. There was a father/son ahead of me and the short stops to set up the camera helped keep some space between us.