VFTT Shirts and Hats Market Survey and Pre-Ordering Information


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All shirts and hats have been shipped


Everything was sent USPS Priority Mail, Insured entrusted to the capable hands of Mary Anne, the world's very bestest postal clerk (I'm serious. She's fantastic.). You all should receive your orders by Friday or Saturday. Check to make sure you received exactly what you ordered. Please let me know if you haven't received yours by the end of the day Tuesday, July 5. If any packages are received damaged or the contents are missing (it's happened) contact me and I'll give you the insurance number so you can file a claim with your postmaster.

I'd also be interested to hear how the shirts fit. Is the sizing accurate? Unfortunately, if what you ordered doesn't fit there's nothing I can do. There are no more left.

Thanks again for doing this TeeJay. It obviously turned into a really big project in the end. Looking forward to my package!
Got the shirts, they look great.

For sizing, I usually take an XL, and it's just a tad tight. But I was smart and also ordered a XXL which is a little loose but good.
When I loose the weight I need to, the XL will be perfect.

Thanks TeeJay!!!!
me to !!!!

I recieved my hat today and was very impressed- great job!!! Thank you so much for all your time and effort. I can't believe you sent me back the difference in price!!!! :eek:I'm tempted to send it back! to you!!!

Thanks again

My hat arrived today - looks great! May have to take it on it's maiden voyage tomorrow.
Got my shirts and a hat Friday. The hat is great. I proudly wore my shirt in camp (stayed at the Ammonusuc campground before and after a big day Saturday) and at Brenda's and received several compliments on it.

Many many thanks, Teejay!
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Since I haven't heard otherwise, I assume everyone received the shirts/hats that they ordered. Right? Anyone who hasn't recived theirs by now should let me know as soon as possible, [email protected].

Meanwhile, I still have a good supply of stickers and patches. C'mon, let's get some more orders in so I can get rid of these things.

two weeks ago on Anticosti Island

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