Wachusett Mountain's State of the Art Fire Tower


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Jan 1, 2005
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I hiked Wachusett Mountain recently and was impressed with what looks to be a recently constructed tower. I don't suppose it should be referred to as a fire tower insofar it is not used for this purpose so I'll just call it a tower. It features a very robust welded steel construction. Due to fact that broad flat summit has oak scrub forest that only grows maybe 10' high max, the tower has handicap accessible ramp viewing platform enables 360 degree views. Seeing as how many hikers harbor fascination with fire towers and associated lists I thought photos of this relatively new tower might be of interest. Land managers might take a cue from this and build some more of these types of structures for benefit of the people.






Oh yeah - then there is the views to be had on this sunny and clear day



Now for a first - Let's see if I can get this video thing to work:

Nice looking place. Don’t stay up there too long. You might alter your DNA with all that RF up there.
Certainly a good idea, but probably not all that many similar spots where all the conditions would be feasible (flat/easy terrain, close access for those in such a condition, and clear enough to allow for that few feet of extra elevation to make a view that otherwise wouldn't be, but not so clear that the view can be had just at ground level).
About 10 years ago, when I last hiked up with my daughter, the old tower was there. My wife and I hiked up not that long ago and were pleasantly surprised to see the new one with the observation platform.