Yearly Reminder, NH Hike Safe Card, time to renew

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I managed to break my streak of 50 years of hiking without managing to need assistance out of the woods this year and had an accident on what I considered trivial terrain. I was lucky and did not need a NH F&G rescue although I did receive some assistance over the phone from Glen Lucas, so it was not a billable rescue. Had it been so, I had a Hike Safe card in effect for last year as I have done for many years. If I had not called F&G I expect I would have been up on the mountain far longer than I was.

If you have any NH fishing, hunting, ATV and snowmachine license, a portion of the fee acts like a Hike Safe card.
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I always referred to Officer Lucas as "Hollywood", but never to his face. His first name is actually Glen, and you should know he is a very nice person when you get past the tough-guy cop stuff.