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Thread: Renting Crampons in Lincoln?

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    Question Renting Crampons in Lincoln?

    Greetings, winter lovers! I am presenting a rather mundane question to all the VFTT'ers out there, as a search of the site turned up little, and I'm hoping someone can help/enlighten me.

    Despite this weekend's forecast, my friend Joe and I are planning on hiking East Osceola from the Kanc on Sunday. I've heard that there's a store in Lincoln that rents out crampons for (I believe) $30 a day. Does anyone know what time they open on Sunday mornings? Or, even better, their phone number?

    I know the Osceola Trail from the Greenley Ponds is quite steep, and I'd rather not take any chances. Thanks for your help!

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    30 bucks a day!!- thats robbery - go buy some 10 pointers for 70-80 bucks and after 3 uses - they pay off.

    EMS and REI are less than that if you can rent from them - IME in north conway as well
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    Give Lahouts Summit Shop a call.

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