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Thread: Mont Blanc June 2008

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    Mont Blanc June 2008

    I am going to be in europe next summer for roughly a month in may/june. While nothing is set in stone, I am tossing the idea around of getting a few people to make an attempt on mont blanc via one of the "standard routes".

    just tossing the feelers out right now, I am not paying 1200 euro for a guide and if I could find 2 or 3 others, maybe this could work.

    some basic snow/ice/rock climbing and glacier skills are a must.

    Pm me if interested in talking about this.
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    You bringing your grill?

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    Hey Giggy,

    I'm not interested in climbing Mont Blanc, but I was just over in that area for three weeks, so let me know if you need any logistic information or suggestions for the area besides Mt. Blanc.

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    I highly suggest the Traversée Royale or something longer if you want, oh and don't eat the yellow snow on the summit

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    same with Roadtripper

    Gig - didn't climb the big one, but was sure hanging in the area a week ago. Let me know what info you are looking for.

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    Hmmm... you know what I think... or maybe you don't.

    It'd be awesome to get back to the Alps and do some good stuff... so why Mt Blanc? Why not the Eiger? - check out the West Ridge Route

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    I'm going to have to start researching routes in the Alps! Oh, and things for my wife to do (shopping?) while I am climbing!

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