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Thread: Winter mountaineering boot confusion

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    Which Boot!

    I have also been struggling with this question. Last year I bought the Sorel Conquest for decent/long day hikes. Now I read reviews that made a mistake!

    My feeling is that if you end up in a bad situation (say unplanned overnight) the cost of each foot of frostbite is say $200!
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    I've worn my Grivel G10s with my Cabela Avalanche and they worked just fine for what I was doing. Someone earlier in this posting warned that flexible boots wouldn't work well with crampons, as the connecting T-Bar would break. I've had that happen, and when it did I replaced the T-Bar with Grivel's solution, a flexible T-Bar. Haven't had a break since. If I was going to be climbing a major peak where I would be wearing crampons on climbing all day, I would elect to wear my Scarpa plastic boots. Most hikes here in New England could go either way for me. (My Scarpa's are so comfortable, I really don't mind wearing them. In fact, I wore them up and back to our base camp on Shasta this summer when they weren't needed for warmth or crampons or anything else.)

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