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Thread: The Captain and Jumping the Shark

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    The Captain and Jumping the Shark

    Over the past year of so one of my brothers and two nephews have been hiking some of the 4000 foot mountains. My nephew Matt became obsessed about some viewpoints or obscure mountains.....Like one, He was talking about Hix Mountain near Tecumseh, which could be interesting.....But I was like, you know if you are going to be talking about mountains in NH, it should be the Percy Mountains, Whitewall, The Captain or something like that.

    He looked up the Captain on Google Earth and on the internet....And all he talked about was the Captain. The Captain this, the Captain that. He made the background picture on the home guessed it....The Captain.(And it wasn't even one of my pictures the jerk.)

    So fast forward past 10,000..."When I hike the Captain and go to Carrigain Pond" stories....

    My nephew has been in Idaho for a month, and my brother and my nephew's best friend Clint(who has been on some of the hikes.)...want to hike the Captain.

    And I am thinking....OK, these two people have never bushwhacked before.....This makes perfect sense...I am in.

    So, we started hiking on the nice forest service road that is used by loggers in Winter....get to the trail that narrows. See the viewing platform on Carrigain......The trail got more get your first view of the mountain that we are going to hike.....I really like this valley.

    I remember the last time I was here, that there was a good camping spot that I wanted to get to.....And of course I didn't take the left that I was suppose to take....This mistake cost us 2 more hours in the woods. The good thing is we got to go by a bunch of cliff bands...there was and lost orphan tent in the woods that someone probably lost going to Carrigain Pond.

    So, taking two people who have never bushwhacked to a fairly remote peak sounds crazy, irresponsible, and stupid.....Well that is probably true. But I am good at screwing people over of hikes. My advice didn't seem to be taken to heart, but they followed me.

    So there you are now......we can rub it into my nephew Matt that he hasn't hiked the Captain when he gets back.....Spite hikes are the best.

    blah blah blah...made it hiked out...blah blah blah.

    I thought maybe The Captain would be jumping the Shark if two new people hiked it...But I found out that I jumped the shark....and The Captain is still cool.


    Video, which you can adjust the settings for quality.
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    The Sponge lives! Cool pics!
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    Well done, Cap'n Spongebob! That slide looked like a fortuitous temporary escape from the scratchies.

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    Cool! Great shots - I think I saw one or two of The Captain in there.

    How was that slide for an ascent route? I am assuming it is the one that scoots up the east side of the valley. Any views to be found from the summit?

    Looks like a fun day
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    Congratulations on bagging the Captain. I tried earlier in the summer but couldn't get there. Maybe this fall. Great photos and video.

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    I liked the video.

    I liked the video. Get down and do 10!!!
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    I see you traded one hiking brother for another.

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