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  • We went up the Skook and down Liberty Springs -- a clockwise "loop"...

    Were you headed anti/counter-clockwise...up Haystack, down Lafayette?
    We were on the ridge from about noon (North Lafayette) until about 3:00 (Liberty), with multiple stops for photography.

    We hit Lafayette about 12:30 and spent almost 40 minutes there eating lunch just south of the summit (out of the wind), napping in the sun (Sandra) and photographing flowers (me).
    Fox and cat? That would have been hilarious...! Don't let me restrain you from doing that!
    Thank you for the green square! I was tempted to add some photos of fox and cat that I saw at Ashland Booze & Vittles Night 2 :)
    no problem..that's a nice climb for sure..hey..did i run into you at Fitness Edge mon pm? people look so different out of context
    You're welcome! That's too bad with wanting to keep hiking on with those amazing clouds. I would have sat up there all day (at least until the wind scared me back below treeline). GLad you're able to get out there. I haven't completed a large hike in months.
    No problem, glad they conditions report was helpful! Those winds were something yesterday, weren't they? Fortunately they weren't bitter cold!
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