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  • Thank you, Tim. I think the positive attitude is working! My hip is making great progress... :)
    Thanks Tim!!! It was a great hike but my knees and feet (fatigued) are still paying the price. If I were to do it again, I would probably only do half of what we did because it's tough on the body.
    Thanks, Tim! Our kids very much enjoyed the company of your kids. Let's get them together again soon!
    Thank you so much, Tim! I hope that we get to hike together again soon. :)
    Thanks! Now that I've got a Pemi under my belt I feel that I should be okay doing a Presi, too...
    thank you, i'm really looking forward to it and fingers are crossed for good weather on the fourth of july for COP snow!
    Wauchipauka Pond was a lot of fun - perhaps the most fun non-4K hike I ever had. BTW, I showed Matthew your Quadrillium photo and asked him "what's wrong with this photo?" It took him maybe 10 seconds to notice there are four petals. He learned "tri" goes with TRIllium, TRIangle, TRIple, TRIpod, etc.
    thanks for the greenie :)
    I'm feelin' pretty lucky, so, yeah "quadrilliums" must be lucky!!
    Thinkin' of doing Wauchipauka Pond sometime soon with the kids.....
    Thank you for the green square! They have no reason to do a financial analysis - they're using OPM - other people's money!
    Signature reads: "Bike, Hike, Ski, Sleep. Eat, Fish, Repeat"

    Ya know, I was just thinking.. shouldn't there be a RINSE cycle in there some place? =)
    Not to apologize -- to poke fun at you a bit. I don't take offense at anything anyone says, unless it has something to do with hiking with kids and how no one under the age of 15 should set in the woods, etc.
    Can I help it if I'm too lazy to write things out as well as you do? Much easier to just say, "I agree."
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