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  • nice. thanks for the info. i've been up trap dike in the summer and was thinking of making a trip out there to do it in the winter, but the north face looks waaay more fun.
    The North face is a very cool climb and the only problem is that the condition vary wildly from year to year. A great resource for conditions on this route is Rock and River or the boys at the Mountaineer.
    Some of the calls the officials made were outrageous! But in the end, it wouldn't have made much difference. The rain was no excuse for all those turnovers, or the fact that the Jets moved backwards in the red zone. :confused:
    Sorry about your Jets. It was probably one of those games that if you replayed the game 5 more times the Jets would win 4 of them. Be happy that the Pats didn't make any progress. The Bills, well they had over 350 yards of offense and scored 3 points.They certainly are not going to the playoffs.
    thanks scott! i've got 16 more to go! progress will be slow this winter.. as i shall be traipsing around the whites with my ice tools (soon to be purchased).. ;)
    wow, and within a minute of eachother! i changed my avatar like 4 seconds ago and the boxing gloves are already coming on! bring it! i've been a jets fan since i was a twinkle in my fathers eye. ;)
    HA HA HA!!! That looks more like you Mr Warlock!! Where's my prize? A beer will do!
    That's not a leaf! That's a Winter Warlock! I guess the patent ran out on the Avatar?
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