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  • Hi Larisa, just a quick note to say I am so impressed with your hiking! And, I must admit, I am extremely envious....wish I could get out there as much as you do....ah well, when the kids are older. Speaking of kids, you are such a great role model for Alex -- you're such a strong and positive (female) hiker...awesome.
    excellent! we just did lafayette, in order to be back to boston early in the evening. I cannot believe how many peaks you have gotten since 12/21!! congrats!
    Hi Liz -- Tom, Field and/or WIlley on Jan 2 or 3 (just me, not Alex)? Would either of those days work for you! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures in the meantime. Congrats on all your summits.
    I thought you were planning to hike today. Was I confused?

    I can't get out on the 26th. Next week I hope to get out multiple times.

    1/1 is reserved and so is 12/29 or 12/30. I'll let you know what we're up to.
    Hey, thanks for the green square. Again, really glad to have met you, I look forward to doing a hike or two (or more) with you in the very near future. Your happiness at being out there in the mountains really shines through, you are a delight to be around.
    Thanks LRiz. Sorry for bailing on the hike today - too many problems from the storm. :(

    Are we carpooling on Sunday? I believe Fitz will be with me. I'm not sure about Kevin or anybody else. Most likely Sue will not since she generally only hikes on Saturday.
    absolutely ... we'll hike again soon. I'm going to attempt to put something short and sweet together for New Year's Day if you're around.
    Sorry about the communications problem on transportation for yesterday's hike. I thought you had told me you planned to head north after the hike to retrieve your snowshoes. There was an empty seat in the truck and it was just your size. Next time.... :eek:

    And, I'm sure there will be a next time. :)

    Soon, I hope. ;)
    Nice to meet you the other day..you have a nice way about you and your style and smile show your excitement of being in the mountains...good stuff
    sure! that would be fun. i think the next opportunity Michael and I will have to hike will be in December, though....:-(
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