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  • Thanks, for the comments. I was wearing my mochaccino nail polish for that hike also. It is a good thing we weren't hiking together, it would of been so embarrassing to show up for the same hike that way.
    Gotta start somewhere! Sabrina could barely get down the beginner slope at Wachusett when she started, and that was only about 13 months ago. If you ice skate or xc-ski, then it comes quick!

    (I just have this thing for turning hikers into skiers - makes for more people to buy me rounds at the bar aprés-ski)
    Thanks! She does double-black diamonds now. :)
    Going to try skiing after you finish the winter 48? Or going to go for the winter 100?
    Crap, I still have to do my NE100 paperwork.
    Thanks for the greenie!!! I won't be able to make Jefferson in February. If you end up going in March, let me know.
    Aww. thanks! Alex has already done Eisenhower and Pierce, so I don't know if she wants to do them again or not, but I'll certainly ask!

    We do want to come to the party after the hike, at the very least!!! Please tell us where it will be.

    Edited to delete Carrigain possibility, forgot there's an extra 4 mile road walk in the winter, that's too much for Alex right now.
    I think I'll skip tomorrow and go Thursday if you are still interested. Snowshoes may be needed on Thursday and perhaps 4x4 to get in parking lot if it's not plowed yet. I'll plan on taking my F250.
    Thanks. BikeHikeSkiFish and I are heading up to tackle the Twins/Galehead on Saturday with another group from ROT. The weather is looking pretty good.

    Wednesday for Pack sounds good. Let me know if you want to drive together or meet there. I usually leave home at 5:30. The hike only takes ~50 minutes and a bit longer if there was fresh snow.
    L Riz , Loved your trip report. Congrats on completing a tough loop.

    We (6 BMTs)are headed there this Sat. Out and back on GRT
    Did the storm end during your trip or another way of putting it did it snow alot after you hiked out the GRTrail?
    Climbing Stallio/BMT
    Hi LRiz. I managed to bag a few more peaks in the last few weeks. Up to 7 now. How is your adventure going? I usually hike up the Pack Monadnock road on Mon/Wed/Fri mornings. I leave home about 5:30 AM and it's a 20 minute drive so I heading up between 5:50 and 6:00 AM. The road is usually well packed so I wear microspikes most days and showshoes after a fresh snow fall. Let me know if you would like to meet for a morning hike.
    Hi LRiz,

    Greetings to you as well! I'm about to walk out the door to do Cannon (without Alex).

    TOmorrow Alex and I will be hiking, but I'm not exactly sure where. With the forecasted snowfall and the frigid windchills and temps, we probably won't be doing a 4K! Perhaps just a very sheltered hike to a hut and back. She really wants to get out, but I'm unsure of good trails (for her) at this point, weather considering.

    Which peaks are you doing today/tomorrow? Careful of those winds! Ridiculous out there, yes?
    Hey LRiz..thanks for the little blue square..they are so cute..he he..hey awesome job on your hikes this winter....I saw the cars up at Rocky Branch last wkend ..what a windy day!!Hoping to get out tomorrow....what kind of epic hike do you have planned
    Yea, it'd be a trek.

    Well if you ever want to break into the Dacks, let me know! I'm always happy to have more hiking friends.
    My pleasure!
    I have no idea. I go to school in Houghton, NY...so it's about a 10 hour drive for me *sigh*
    I'm sure you'll be on your third or forth round of the 48 by then.
    Maybe I'll try to hit a few this summer, though! I'd love to :D

    Have an excellent weekend!
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