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  • Boy... I need to log onto the forum more often. I hiked Adraham/Spaulding/Sugarloaf on 8/7 so it it was that Saturday it would have been me.
    was that you we ran into near summit of Abraham last weekend? I was with AMC group and you and I spoke for a minute. Although we haven't met, I thought you looked familar from one of the online forums.
    I wish we could take all the credit but I'm sure we had lots of help from folks on Sunday and later. Glad you had a good hike.

    One of these days perhaps our hike targets will line up and we can get together for one.
    Thanks, "OldMan," for the green square; I appreciate it.

    It was good meeting you on Sunday's Trish and Alex Extravaganza...in particular, the part where, as a retort to Jeremy, you mentioned to him that you had offspring his age, so you knew how to deal with him. (Yes, I'm a big fan of Jeremy, too...just giving him a hard time.)
    Hey there junior.. I mean old man.. a pleasure to join you on the moose hike...a fine event imdeed..hope to see you on the trails soon..and tanks for the green square
    Old Speck should be awesome. I hope to get out there sometime.

    I just finished my single season spring 48 today. Wildcats in the morning, followed by Moriah in the afternoon. Two weeks of freedom... then back to list chasing. Grrrr. ;)
    Why thank you! The trench running through it really is quite the sight to see. Interested in Owl's Head this week (or next)? :D

    P.S. I just moved to Concord. 40 minutes closer to the mountains...
    Thank you for the green square! My knee has recently been questioning my ability to do decent sized hikes everyday, unfortunately!
    Thanks. I'm impressed that you went up there today - it was freezing out!
    Have you been up Pack recently? I'd love some beta on the road/trails... :)
    It's going to be WINDY... stay safe! I'm off to Carrigain tomorrow. No definite plans for Sunday yet, but you can be sure I'll be out there somewhere... ;)
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