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Tom Rankin

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Sep 28, 2004
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Bloomville, New York
While this pales in comparison to he whose license plate reads '6000X4K', I recently reached the 2,000 peaks mark, on Sargent Mountain in Acadia Park in Maine.

Not all of my peaks have been 4Ks, or 3,500' peaks (over 1,100 have been in the Catskill region), or even 3Ks, but I count getting to the summit of every mountain I visit on foot. I've visited some many times, such as 139 visits to Balsam Lake, where we volunteer. A few have been much larger, like 3 14'ers.

A few stats:

Unique peaks: 599 - So close! :D
770s: 318 (not that I will ever finish!)
Winter ascents: 522
Fire Towers: 167

The most recent summit (2,002) was Tim's Grid finish on Moosilauke (Trip report no doubt coming soon!)

If you want to know which is my favorite, I can't tell you! :D