Gathering 8.0 [and leather apron(s)]

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YES! Raise Your Hand If You're Sure!

I'm a definite for Vermont Gathering!!

I want people to hold me to it too when I try to (inevitably) back out!

Dr. Wu is going to bring Doctor Wu's Famous Chili. It's a crowd pleaser especially when I stopped using Monkey Weenirs to make it with. Those are just a side-item now. If there is enough demand for a "vegetarian" version of the chili I will bring some as well. I will also bring some potato chips and peanut butter M&M's.

I think I'm going to come up Friday Night after work but I'm not 100% sure. maybe I can get off Friday. Will stay till Sunday. Not sure what I'm hiking but I'm up for anything. Long, fun hikes are the best.

-Dr. Wu
The Shed

Was up in Stowe for a week at our Village Green timeshare across the street from The Shed. The Shed has great food and good service.

It would have been a better trip though if my wife didn't fall and break two ribs while out on a day hike...
car spot

I plane to be there sat. morning what time would I have to arrive to get in on some of those hikes you listed? I am glad to spot my car, it will hold four, three better w/day hike equipment.
Possibly maybe

I'm still a maybe but, I'm leaning toward coming. I'll be hiking in the Mahoosucs Saturday and so would only be able to join for Sat night and a quick Sunday hike, if anyone is planning on doing such a thing. Otherwise, I'll stay in the Mahoosucs.

Does anyone have any plans for a half day hike on Sunday? Is anyone planning on partying themselves disabled Saturday night?

The answers to these questions will help me figure out what I'll be doing.
I'll be there - but not sure if I will drive up Thursday after work or early Friday morning. I'm hoping to leave work a bit early on Thursday unless things really get too crazy next week.
My daughter Molly and I will be arriving Friday evening around 6 PM.

She has an interview at UVM on Saturday and I'd like to do Camel's Hump.

See you at either the Shed or the Campground, depending on when we get there!

Can someone post directions coming from NYC?...thx...looks like I'm coming up really late Thurs night..I'd like to join a group..please...thx
Gathering 8.0 details

September 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday), 2005

Campground: Goldbrook Campground, Stowe, VT. 802 253-7683 or 7037. $6.00 (+tax) per person per night. I'll be working out some sort of sign-in/registration with the campground. Remember, if you don't sign-in, you won't be eligible for the "door prizes."

Directions: The campground is on VT 100 about 8-9 miles north of I-89, Exit 10, Watertbury/Waterbury Center, left side of the road. (Ben and Jerry's is about 3 miles from the exit also on the left.)

From the west this is my route. NYS Thruway (I-90) east to exit 27 (Amsterdam) to NY 30 north to NY 67 east to NY 50 north in Ballston Spa. Turn right at the second light on Malta Ave. then north on US 9 at light. Get on Northway (I-87) north and exit at Exit 20, NY 149 east to Fort Ann/Whitehall. In Fort Ann go east on US 4 into VT and get off at Exit 2, VT 22A north. (The views of the Adirondacks around Bridport and Addison are awesome.) In Vergennes go left on US 7 north to I-189 in South Burlington. Take I-189 to I-89 south (Montpelier) to Exit 10. Another option is to stay on I-87 and take one of the ferries or the bridge over to VT.

From the south, Albany, New York City, New Jersey. I-87 (NYS Thruway)north, exit Thruway in Albany but continue on I-87 north (Montreal) to Exit 20. Follow directions above.

From the South, Hartford, New Haven. I-91 north to I-89 north in White River Junction, VT to Exit 10.

From the east, Boston area. I-93 north to Exit ? I-89 north in Concord to Exit 10 in VT.

From Maine, central NH, and other eastern points. I don't have any good suggestions from here, but if you can get to Montpelier and get on I-89 north, you'll be all set.

From the north, Montreal, etc. Again, no good suggestions from here except to take 15 south into NY then US 2 east and VT 78 to I-89 south. You could also take the short ferry from Plattsburgh to Grand Isle, VT and pick up I-89 south from there.

I'll be arriving early afternoon on the 15th. If anyone needs a ride from the Syracuse area, let me know.

Schedule: Thursday, set up camp and maybe a short hike nearby. (These are my plans, but anyone is welcome to come earlier or stay longer.)

Friday I'll be hiking, either Camel's Hump or Mansfield, haven't decided yet. I suspect there will be a thread started at some point for people to post their hiking plans as well. As with other Gatherings, everyone is on their own for hike planning. Weather may also play a role in Friday/Saturday plans.

Friday night is dinner at The Shed in Stowe. We will order from the menu and there will be separate checks. Gratuity (18%) and VT tax (9%) added. Cash bar at about 7:00, dinner at 8:00. The restaurant is only a few miles from the campground.

Saturday more hiking or touristy stuff for me. For anyone interested in visiting Ben and Jerry's, there is no production on weekends so you won't be able to see the factory working. Burlington is only about 45 minutes away and there's lots to do there. If anyone wants to make a day of it, Shelburne Museum is less than an hour away.

Saturday night will be the potluck dinner at the campground as well as the drawing for the door prizes and passing the apron and the banner. The apron will go to the person travelling the furthest distance to the Gathering. Gris, Linda Lu hear that?

Sunday we recover and face the grim reality of the long drive home ahead. Keep in mind checkout time is 12:30 from the campground.

Any questions?

Don't forget the nearby Cold Hollow Cider Mill ... yum!

I'll be arriving early afternoon on Thursday, and hope to have my tent and so forth set up so that I can leave the campground around 3pm to head over to Underhill State Park. From there, Sunset Ridge Trail book time is 2-1/2 hours to the summit of Mt. Mansifield, then back down to the ledges for the sunset (6:54pm) and a walk down under the moon (begins rising 6:01pm, 91% full). Any/all are welcome, this will be my 67th, finishing the NE 4K's.

If the weather is cloudy, I'll probably go anyway. If the weather is rainy, then no, I don't want to be hiking in the dark in the rain if I don't have to.

Teejay - how early is it okay to arrive at Goldbrook? Do I have to make sure you're there first?

And I think Teejay deserves a resounding THANK YOU!!!! for arranging all this for us!

I am planning to hike somewhere Friday (Jay?), somewhere Sat. (Mansfield?) and recover (but hopefully not too much) on Sunday.
I am in on MichaelJ's sunset ridge hike on Thursday. Any other takers??? It is a great hike.

- darren
Thursday night's my hike.
Friday night's the Shed.
Saturday night's the eating, drinking, and bonfire.

the shed is alllllllllll gooooood!

we ate and drank there a few nights years ago at the british invasion event.

i will be in the northern presi's thur to mon but look forward to someday making it to a gathering and meeting more fellow vftt's.

have a great time y'all!
Bummer. I'll probably be arriving too late on Thursday to make sunset, even at the campground! :(

See y'all later that evening.


I didn't think it'd be in the cards for me to attend, but it's looking quite doable for me now and I'd really like to go and meet you all. Is the campground full with everyone going? If not (and because I'm a lazy ba$tard) would someone mind posting a quick summary of the trip that includes costs, meeting times, general itineray, or whatever else? Thanks a bunch!
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The bonds are calling

I thought I was going to meet you people but I got a call out of the blue, an old friend of mine is free this weekend and wants to do the bonds. No way am I saying no, once you hit the fifty range there are less old friends to hike with. Have to take advantage of every chance I get to hike with the people I have been hiking with since the early 70's. :( :D