Gathering 8.0 [and leather apron(s)]

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Sep 4, 2003
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I have been in touch with Mary Nichols at Gold Brook Campground in Stowe, VT, the site for Gathering 8.0. Here is what has been done so far.

I have sent a sizeable deposit for a large site(s) for September 15-18, 2005. The campground charges $6.35 per person per night (includes tax). I will get this in writing. They will take plastic. There will be an additional charge for electrical service, but I'll take care of that myself so you don't have to worry about it.

Anyone who wishes to pay me in advance for their camping fees may do so. I'll put payment details at the end of the post. Keep in mind, though, this isn't necessary. You don't have to "reserve" a spot at the Gathering by prepaying. As in the past, you just need to show up to be part of a VFTT Gathering.

I will be going up to Stowe sometime in the next couple of weeks to check the campground out. All I know is what I've read in some earlier posts. They have showers, I'm assuming they're hot. I believe they're also free. It is very near to Stowe village, so the location is ideal for Mansfield, Camels Hump, Ben and Jerry's, Vermont Teddy Bear Company, GMC headquarters, whatever. I think you can even pan for gold in the brook. I'll try to get some pics when I visit them.

Usually, besides hiking, biking, paddling, shopping, general goofing around, and an occasional sip of an adult beverage or t(w)oooo (many), we have gone to a nearby restaurant on Friday night for dinner. I'll be checking on possible locations when I'm up there. Of course, this is optional. Saturday night is a group potluck dinner at the campsite. Bring whatever you want to share. And your appetite. You will not go to bed hungry, promise. Other than that, there's no fixed schedule.

Now, about that apron for those of you who don't know. The tradition, all of a year old, goes like this. At Gathering 6.0, in ("Get useless in") Eustis, Maine, we went out for a group dinner on Friday night to the White Wolf. (In all fairness to Eustis, it is in Stratton.) After being seated promptly by a cute young leather-apron clad waitress, our group of ten or so was ignored completely by this serve person. We waited over an hour before she even came back to take our drink orders. It's not that we were lost in the crowd, we were the only ones in the room. It was at least another half hour before she took our food orders. It's the longest I've ever waited for service anywhere. Before, last year's Gathering, I decided to award a leather apron to the person having the longest trip to remind us of that (un)forgettable night at the White Wolf. Bubba is the proud holder of the dubious distinction of having had the longest trip to the Catskills and wears the VFTT apron with appropriate honor. But, Bubba, this may be the end of your reign in VT if daxs shows up. So you'd better be ready to relinquish that crown that it may pass to next rightful heir(ess).

So, LittleBear, there's another leather apron out there? Really? I'll take your word for it. But how are we going to tell which one is which? A counterfeit? Next we'll be hearing of knock-off VFTT patches and tee shirts.

Contact information:

Tom Jenks
117 South St.
P. O. Box 114
Elbridge, NY 13060-0114

315 689-6390
315 689-1883
Paypal: tjinks at twcny dot rr dot com

See you all in September or (lots) sooner.

Ya-hoo! Can't wait.

I suggest The Shed for dinner on Friday nite. It is a microbrwery that is right on Mountain Rd. between Stowe proper and Smuggler's Notch. I think their food is good, but I KNOW their beer is good. Especially the Mountain Ale, which is appropriate for this group. :D

Thanks for setting it all up!

- darren
I secpnd the Shed. They've got great burgers and awesome Shepard's Pie.

Looking forward to it! Way to think ahead TeeJay!

(Hey, lookee there--I'm me again!)
Teejay, I'm in! Wouldn't miss it! Shed sounds good. Beer sounds better. Doctor sounds best :D
BTW, what's all the fuss about the White Wolf? I seem to remember Tramper Al and I having no problem sweet talking that cute little waitress into getting us our Carrabasset Pale Ales even before we had a seat:)
We stayed at the Gold Brook Campground in Stowe last August and were very happy with it. The area is large and has facilities for tents, tent trailers, trailers and RV's. The rest rooms and showers were clean, although with a large crowd, expect to wait for stalls and showers. I believe they have two buildings with rest rooms, one at each end of the campground.

The open field area is extremely large and there are many sites that back up to the Little River. This would be a good area to grab for sites.

Here are a few pics of the campground:

Here is a photo of Geri taken at one of the sites by the river looking towards the field. The rest room can be seen in the distance in the upper right of the pic.

As you can see it was not very crowded when we were there in late August. This will be a great place to hold a large gathering, and best of all it's only a few minutes from Ben & Jerry's!


Here is a pic from the field looking at the campsites that back up to the river, which is right behind the treeline by the picnic tables.


Here is a pic of the Little River.

Gris said:
I'm in and the leather apron is definitely mine! :D :D :D

I can only hope! :D On my last trip to meet up with some fellow VFTT'ers, someone made it there from CA faster than I did from my little rock. :eek: Unfortunately, I might still be in the running.... :( :(

Teejay -- I have the same scheduling conflict as last year, but with this advance warning I'll be working it for all I'm worth! Thanks letting us know now! And I may just have to start thinking about starting a new list if I'll be hiking in VT!
SherpaKroto said:
I seem to remember Tramper Al and I having no problem sweet talking that cute little waitress into getting us our Carrabasset Pale Ales even before we had a seat.
Yes, to this day I recommend the White Wolf for a quick, friendly pint. And how many places have a Delorme at the bar?

If I can make it to VT in September, I am sure my mission will be Long Trail northbound.
I will be there!

If we're moments from Ben and Jerry's, that also means we're moments from that awesome cider mill where AMSTony, Alpinista, and I stopped after Camel's Hump last fall. Awesome fresh cider and *incredible* cider donuts, which are one of my most favorite seasonal New England treats.

If all goes well this summer, and the weather cooperates that weekend, one of the hikes I'll be doing is an evening trip up Mansfield via Sunset Ridge to take in the, uh, sunset over the Lake and the Adk's and tag my #67 NE4K. :D

When you check the place out and look at that big open field, consider how much noise we make...
Thanks for the pictures,

bobandgeri. I think this open area is where we will end up. The campground may be a bit crowded on Gathering weekend, but the other large group is the Holiday Ramblers (I think) and they're all RVers. So the rush on the toilets and showers shouldn't be all that bad.



You're d' Man! :D I won't win the Apron for this one I'm only 110 miles away.

The date is on the Calander. Looking forward to it.

MichaelJ said:
that awesome cider mill where AMSTony, Alpinista, and I stopped after Camel's Hump last fall. Awesome fresh cider and *incredible* cider donuts, which are one of my most favorite seasonal New England treats.

He aint kidding! That place is great. Make sure you sneak your nalgene bottles in and fill them up with the free cider. Those little tiny sample paper cone cups they give you are for tourons. Anyone that knows anything knows to bring a nalgene and fill 'er right up!!!!!! :D :D :D

Then you go down to the Cabot store and load up on free cheese and cracker samples. Oh ya!!!! That is the place to be apres hike!!!

Those two place will really bring out the cowboy in ya! Just check out the attached picture of me on top of the Stowe Pinnacle to see what I mean!

Can't wait!!!

- darren
Darren: I recognize that hat! A certain dude locked his wallet in a paper machine while wearing one, think he was buying a copy of the R.I. Sl-t. :D
Hope to make it. Will be #1 Gathering for me. Hiked Mansfield & Camels Hump last year. VT is great!!
Told boss #2 that i'm taking that sunday off from teaching (part time) all i have to do is tell Boss #1 (wife). I'm going to tell her that i won a family trip off the internet and it's in Vermont!