Gathering 8.0 [and leather apron(s)]

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I also bailed. Hope it doesn't rain too bad (well, I kinda do hope it pours actually, only for the sake of justifying my decision to cancel).
I've bailed too. I was really looking forward to meeting some new VFTTer's but it will have to wait until the next gathering.

MichaelJ good luck on #67! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you! :D

Well, since my ride has bailed, so have I. :D

Actually, after a really tough work week and a three day conference in sunny FL next week, I need the weekend at home. BTW, I decided this before the forecast took a turn for the worst, unlike some people I know who apparently melt in the rain! :p
Yup, I melt in the rain. No question about that. :( I'm sure there will be enough folks up there to have a great time, and those of us wimps who bailed at the last minute will look at the photos and read the trip reports with envy. Such is life.

Add me to the Water Wus ranks!

After hiking the Bigalow loop in mostly pouring rain with Metzky at Gathering 6, I decided I was a indeed becoming a fair-weather hiker.

I'll spend tomorrow on the NH coast in hopes of good surf condx and warm Gulfstream water.

Party on folks,

Even though the people I was supposed to be doing Carlo and Goose Eye with tomorrow cancelled, I don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain so I'm going to do a wooded summit hike tomorrow (probably Tecumseh), perhaps with a bushwhack (over to Green Mtn), and then head up to the gathering.

A bit too much water on the brain, I think! :p

While it's still overcast with light rain so far, it doesn't look nearly as bad as the forecasters were saying. Unpredictable New England weather strikes again? :confused:
It poured. Yea, verily, did it pour at times. But I have a great story to tell about rushing down Sunset Ridge ahead of incoming thunder and lightning. I smiled for the entire hike; in fact, for the entire weekend.

A trip report for #67 will be on its way soon.

Huge thanks to Teejay for organizing a wonderful Gathering! Those of you who didn't make it missed quite ... the show.

Is Darren conscious yet? ;)
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Michael - Great views but from the looks of it you're on Camel's Hump and not Mansfield. It looks just like that on Friday!!! Congrats on the Gatheing 67!!

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MichaelJ said:
...And on a different note ... Skimom? You out there? Could you let us know you're okay? We were concerned about the unoccupied tent and car...
Heard from SkiMom last night. She took a little side trip with friends and realized that she did not leave a note only after I called her. All is certainly well with her.

It was a bit wet, and for more than a few of us foggy... :eek: