Monadnock conditions??

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Feb 1, 2005
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The Matterhorn
Anyone been over to Monadnock since the snow/ rain?? Looking for parking conditions mostly..I know it will have ice mix...normal for winter up there..
Main parking lots are plowed. Half Way House parking is generally limited to plowed spots at the end of the toll road. I suspect there would not be any problem even parking in the parking lot at the HWH as there was only about 3-4" of sleet and that has melted down significantly. Likewise you can most likely still get into Marlboro and Dublin especially if you have 4 wheel drive. Recommend Hillsounds or micros for the trails as there is a good coating of snow and ice. I wore beat up ole pair of micros all day and had no trouble. Lots of poor footing though because of traffic yesterday in slushy conditions and freeze over night.