Morgan/Percival Loop 10/25/09

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Mar 21, 2009
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Baltimore, Maryland
Late on Saturday 10/24 we checked in with Steve Smith, at the Mountain Wanderer, to find out about the rising river levels from the predicted 2 to 3 inch rainfall. Several of the hikes we had planned would have involved several stream crossings. We opted for the Mount Morgan/ Percival hike in the Squam Lakes region; near the town of Holderness.
The parking lots were quite full but we managed to squeeze in.
There was still a lot of color south of the White Mountains as evident by this trailhead photo.


We experienced wet leaves, rocks and mud along the trail; with the trail merging with little streams created from the runoff.


At 1.7 miles the trail divides with the left diversion going up a series of wooden ladders.


Above the ladders the trail goes through a cave,


Then emerges onto a series of open ledges.


A view of Mount Prospect (right) and The Button (left) can be seen from the Mount Morgan summit.


It was at the summit of Mount Morgan that we hooked up with a fellow hiker; Jenna.
Descending into and out of a col we arrive at the summit of Mount Percival with views towards Squam Lake and the The Rattlesnakes.


We chose the option of going thru another cave to descend from Mount Percival.
This one proved to be more difficult than the first one in that we had to lay on our backs and slide through the hole, feet first, staring at the protruding tooth-like rock. If you look closely you can see Jenna's foot.


Once again in the forest we encountered more yellow foliage. I call this one yellow on yellow.


We ended the hike with our group photo. L to R: Mike, Donna, Jenna.

One of my favorite "little" hikes in the area. Very nice!

Kudos on "The Button" name drop. :D
Nice report, D&M! I was up on my "fall getaway" last weekend as well and was wondering if I'd run into you, but it looks like we were on opposite sides of the Whites this year.
Hey, you two look exactly like a couple of folks Atti and I ran into in North Conway last week!

Good seeing you again. And good to see that you continued your practice of wringing the most out of the mountains in your regular trips north to God's Country.

Morgan & Percival is a wonderful hike. We typically do it here in the shoulder seasons...just before the snow comes or after it has left. It was one of the hikes we did this spring when R. was here and she loved the views out over the lakes.
nice report! that area is my spring getaway area (when I don't want to deal with the rotting snow further up north) the ladders and cave look pretty cool. rock on!
Thanks! We've been venturing more into smaller hikes in recent years.

Hope you trip was as fine as ours. If you hike in the winter, maybe we'll run into you then.

Hey Tom, it's aways great to see you and Atti. We were very fortunate to have been able to do the amount of hikes this time. We most certainly will be back to God's Country this winter.

Make sure you put M/P on your list for next spring!

Thanks for posting nice pics and TR! That's a very nice image from the summit, and you captured the feel of the hike through the yellow and gold very well. :)
Nice hike, and great pictures!! Yes, you're right, that looks like a hike my girls would love to experience.

It was great to finally meet you. Thanks again for buying us breakfast. :)

Looking forward to seeing you again the next time you come up.