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Oct 22, 2004
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Moderators: I really was not sure where to put this thread - it is certainly an "event."

As some of you know I take the commuter rail most days with SherpaK, and often with Mrs. Sherpa. I ran into Mrs. Sherpa this evening who informed me of some pretty rough news (before this gets long winded and everyone is freaking out, I want to let you know that he is doing reasonably OK and is expected to be OK after a lengthy recovery.)

Sherpa was away skiing at Killington this past weekend with his son Andrew. They were on an easy (green?) trail going to the lodge for lunch when some maniac pretty much ran over Sherpa and he fell about forty feet and crashed into a tree. From what I understand he fractured almost all of the ribs on his left side and one on his right side. Also, he has a pretty badly broken collar bone and a bad concussion with some bleeding from his ear. He is conscious and his vital signs are good and stable - and has spoken with his wife a few times. I also was told that no one knows who ran him down - the perpetrator basically hit and ran and did not go to get help. CORRECTION: SK TOLD RICK THAT IT WAS A FREAK ACCIDENT AND NOT A HIT AND RUN.

From what I was told he will be having surgery on the collarbone in Vermont (a hospital in Rutland) and then will likely transfer to a hospital/rehab near home for possibly a month. He may be out of work for awhile (2-3 months.)

Sherpa is a friend to many if not all of us and I know all of our thoughts are with him and his family for a speedy and complete recovery.

I will try to keep people updated when I hear any news...with our baby coming later this week I may be incommunicado a bit.
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My prayers will be going to SherpaK and the Mrs. Such a situation is in God's hands.
Although I've been lurking for some time, this is my first post.

All the best to you, SK. Keep on the sunny side.
Has anyone called "the Doctor". :D

I'm not making light, as anyone who knows Sherp knows, I know he'd appreciate the humor in that one. He's a tough dude and I've no doubt this is but a small setback for him. At least that is my sincere hope. And on the off chance he can read this; All the best to you my friend, and if there is anything I can do from my lonely outpost here in western NY, you know I will.

GET BETTER SOON, it's "doctors" orders.
Wow, that's some body slam. Wishing for a fast recovery for him.

I was skiing at Killington years ago. While putting on my skis at the base lodge a teenager slammed into me from behind. Knock the wind and of me and dislocated my shoulder.
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Sherpa WILL get well of course. He must be hurting soemthing aweful right now unless they give him an IV with Morphine on tap. I hate green and blue runs for that very reason. I'm always nervous and looking over my shoulder for out of control wackos.

Here's to a complete and speedy recovery.
That is a major bummer. Here's to a speedy recovery!!! Hopefully he will be out of the hospital and be able to see the real doctor soon!

- darren
I know you will recover - the question is when? Get well and the toughest part is missing the Views from the Top this spring wherever that might have been. I imagine you will be posting more instead to keep up with everyone else's travels. Take care and keep your chin up.
Maybe the rest will do his knees some good, too. Meanwhile, let's all be real careful not to contribute anything that'll make the good SherpaK laugh because, as good medicine as laughter is, I'll bet it really hurts most when he laughs.

So smile SK, our best wishes are with you ... but don't laugh.

Can you post his hospital address so we can send cards?
Or, PM us if posting that is not appropriate.

In the meantime, in case he has internet access, I wish him the very best and speediest recovery.
Glad a good guy like the Sherpa is going to be OK. Scary to think it could have been far worse.

oh man - this sucks - he was pretty bummed about his knees, etc.. - this is just awful :( :( . I wish him the best and a speedy recovery. jezz - this bites. If anyone can the spirts up - its him

get well soon :D :)
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Mike: Thanks for the beta. That's tough news _ but Sherpa is one tough dude. Please keep us posted on any developments.
Hi all -
I found the hospital address online (it's gotta be the one - how many hospitals can there be in Rutland?):

Rutland Regional Medical Ctr
160 Allen St
Rutland, VT 05701

Yes - he is getting morphine - I know I would prefer that to the doctor!

Stan-It is amazing - but nothing happened to his knees at all - so that is good.

I plan on printing these pages to give to his wife so he can read them soon.
What a way to get out of work for a few months! Here's wishing you a solid recovery and a long list of books you've been meaning to get to......
What a crappy way to wind up a winter. The hit-and-run element of the event just makes it that much worse.

Here's to Sherpa's speedy recovery.