Tie your shoes - (and wear your snowshoes)


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Sep 3, 2003
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Interesting post hole complication from Colorado The Snowpack in Colorado Is Eating Hikers’ Shoes

and showing it is not just a west coast phenomena NH Hikers in Distress

Bee Line Trail on Chocorua seems to draw in newbys who may not be able to read a map. For folks hiking in from Champney Falls trailhead, its a tempting route back to the car that turns into a potential problem if the elevation gain and late season snow pack is not factored in.
No joke……they may be on to something.

“As for those who do end up leaving their footwear above treeline, SCRG has an unorthodox idea on how to fund their rescue.

"We will be auctioning off all shoes and boots found on Quandary this summer after the snow melts," the group joked”.
The two male trail runners who got lost descending Lafayette in January 2021 and Emily Sotelo this past November all lost their trail runners (aka sneakers) once they found themselves off trail in the upper reaches of Lafayette Brook below Greenleaf Hut (aka, da Flea). Fortunately, the male trail runners two years ago had a working cell phone and were rescued with frozen feet by the NHANG Blackhawk. Apparently tied laces on sneakers are no match for the brush in upper Lafayette Brook.